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Novicell like to have fun!

As a company, Novicell like to ensure that their employees have a fun time. Employees are encouraged to engage in social activities together, both during and after working hours or travel to the other offices. Having a pleasant experience at work is paramount. People are driven to be creative and try new things. Novicell believes it is better to try something and fail than to not try at all.

If you manage to reach the bottom of this page you'll find a slideshow of our colleagues having fun!

Space for questions and sharing

It is crucial for our company that we renew our knowledge and dare to try new things. Here are a few examples of actions that make us wiser.


Code Camp

Periodically, developers meet for food and sharing of new technologies worth discussing.

Management Training

As the company grows, we lift organisational and managerial competencies with the employees.

Kick Off

Every spring, we all go on an extended weekend and work on new initiatives through workshops and team building.

To get an idea and dribble with it

At Novicell, people are driven by creating something new and developing - whether it's professional or by putting on running shoes after work: We rather people attack and make mistakes than to hesitate and do nothing. It gives employees the courage to come up with new ideas. When someone comes up with an idea, it is taken seriously: New module in Umbraco? Work away in Barcelona? Bike riding? We will try it all!

There is a great deal of confidence that new initiatives can be successful, and it gives a certain amount of cheer in the building when it happens. 

Michael Boserup Hesselberg

Team Manager, Umbraco Customer TeamAt the last hackathon, we assembled a handful of designers, developers, project managers for a weekend and developed a small campaign site. It is inspiring, but also nice to work even more across the departments.
colleagues by the river

We cannot sit still

After work, many things take place with everything from vegan food to wine tasting and kayaking. We will also arrange pizza and FIFA tournament as a warm-up to our annual international event.
In fact, we also have our very own house orchestra and a nice Friday bar in the basement with old school gaming machines, model trains, darts and table tennis. Most of us have spent quite a few hours here!
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We look after our employees

We encourage everyone to go home or socialise as soon as work finishes. We encourage hard work but don't want people to overwork themselves.


Smukfest Festival

Every year in August, we all come together and go to Bøgeskoven for a day of music and enjoyment.


You are never bored. There are always colleagues up for activities such as UV hunting, band rehearsal, bike rides or a game of Lords of Waterdeep or FIFA; the list is endless.


Every Monday we discuss the weekend over some free breakfast.

A cutter and a varied crew

Our director is from Esbjerg, and he usually compares Novicell with a little fish cutter from there. Since the cutter landed in 2007, there have been a lot of different people on board. In fact, Novicell has 22 different nationalities.

The wide variety of departments also provides a nice varied crew: some wear a tie, others in stock socks; Some sit on office chairs and work, others in soft sofas. Yes, some are even Vikings. However, common to all of us is that we like to be nerdy with speech, code and data. The most important thing is that there is room for everyone here. And then it's important that there is room for asking questions regardless of the title of one's email signature.

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Anne Mølgaard Brøndum

Anne Brøndum

HR Legal ConsultantJust as we have a bike team, there should be a running team. I grabbed a running coach; Now we have 28 people to run Aarhus City Halfmarathon - both experienced and inexperienced runners. That's cool!
Per in Zambia

Are you Flink & Flittig

We are constantly hiring new employees, so send us your CV - even if there are no job postings that suit you.

You are also always welcome to come and visit us for a chat and a cup of coffee. We really want to meet you!

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Peter Holm Jakobsen

From Geek to Tech Lead 

Peter Holm Jakobsen won the very first edition of Novicell's annual student challenge, Geek Challenge, in 2013. Today, he is in our Sitecore department as a tech leader in an exciting project, and Peter's story is outstanding:

"It is apparent at Novicell that as long as you are successful and create results, then the possibilities must be endless. And then no one asks whether you are a student assistant, a full-time developer or something else."

Read about Peter's story from Geek to tech lead

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