Freddie Green

Creative Director

Freddie has over 20 years’ experience as a Digital Creative Director, focusing on Brand and Digital Innovation for large scale organisations and SMEs in both the UK and internationally. His passion is to drive the success of the companies he engages with through a combination of human-centric strategies, creative ideas and technical innovation.

Freddie’s work is hands-on, and he can often be found engaging directly with client teams to develop the kind of ‘people-first’ strategic thinking that is behind most personal, business and brand success. Having gathered these insights, he and his teams then work to cultivate and develop a creative approach that will become the cornerstone of a customers’ business innovation.

Over the years, Freddie has developed and refined a User Experience (UX) process and related techniques that have helped businesses to manage large-scale digital transformation projects while inherently remaining user/people focused.

For nearly 7 years, Freddie ran his own agency in Soho. In this time he was responsible for running the day-to-business as Founder-Director, but also for winning business and delivering projects for clients including: Santander, BBC, Hays, British Gas, Thames Water, Odgers Berndtson, Highways Agency, Smith & Nephew, TATA and Diagio.

Ultimately, what motivates Freddie is the delivery of creatively led, game-changing and sustainable platforms for success.

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