Data Security

Protect and utilise your data


A business intelligence (BI) solution must be able to work with the requirements set for the company's IT security.

Novicell can advise you on the choice of software, data models and architecture, so you get the maximum from your data while staying protected against misuse and violation of, e.g. the EU General Data Protection Regulation.

Mobile data

Several BI solutions are now designed to be used from smartphones, tablets and laptops. This allows you to work with data when working from home and to present data at customer or supplier visits. But when you need to access the data outside your company's network, you need a secure set-up and a well-executed architecture. 

For example, this means approving every device that wants access to the data source or encrypting data during transportation.

Robust architecture

Data security is also a question of how robust your IT architecture is. For example, a data warehouse can function as a security precaution for your data. With a data warehouse, you work with copies of your data isolated from your source systems, thereby securing your master data in the source systems. You also avoid putting too much pressure on business-critical systems by directing enquiries to your data warehouse instead of directly to the source system.


Role management

An employee should not have access to sensitive data that does not concern their areas of responsibility. By restricting access, you increase the security around sensitive data, which can instead be limited to people who benefit and generate value from it. You also increase the level of user-friendliness for the users by only presenting them with relevant data.

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