Is 360 Video a Useful Tool?

In March 2015, YouTube launched 360-degree video. Shortly after, Facebook and Twitter followed suit. 360 videos enable the viewer to experience the full 360 degree surroundings of a video as if they were at that location. The possibilities for this form of technology are endless but the question to consider is whether it is useful for business.

We believe that it is relevant for companies to use 360 video as it is an engaging way for businesses to interact with customers and develop a personal relationship. 

What is 360 video?

This video format is like Google Street View, allowing the user to have a 360-degree view of the chosen street. A special camera is used to capture footage from multiple angles in one recording. This allows the viewer to choose the perspective they require.

360 video can be viewed without needing extra plug-ins or applications but the latest versions of the app being used is required e.g. Facebook or YouTube. If you are viewing on a mobile device, you can simply tilt the device or change direction to see other angles. To view change views on a desktop version, the mouse can be used to drag the image various directions.


Is it something for your business? 

360-degree cameras are reasonably priced and do not require advanced editing techniques. Although the video format is like the standard one used for normal videos, 360 videos need specific software or social media to be viewed. Companies are increasingly pushing for 360 video to be used in their online activities and advertising but what benefits can it bring?


Engagement is an essential factor in generating traffic to your website and developing interest in your service. The more people engage with your video, the more you can understand about your audience. This information will then allow the company to personalise the marketing content as the data generated from the video will identify user preferences, the areas of interest and much more.

Live events

The most common use of 360 video for businesses is live events, seminars and conferences. This method is useful to reach individuals who cannot physically be there but would like to attend. It is an engaging way to involve virtual viewers in comparison to a still picture. The future could be kept and reused to promote future events. It is an element that can potentially give you the edge on competitors.


360 video is a great way to market your product or service. It is an engaging way to showcase the functionality or creation process. One of the first companies to do this and effectively execute this was Nescafé. They used 360 video to show the process of producing their coffee beans. This is a prime example of generating trust in a creative way.

Interactive tours

As seen earlier, 360 video can be used to give an interactive tour of your business. This gives a personal touch especially as people are becoming more visual. If customers can have such an insight on your business, it will increase both trust and interest in the service being offered. It is an intelligent way to increase traffic and create a buzz.

These are just a handful of the many benefits that 360-degree videos can provide to businesses. The overall goal is to create a personal relationship with customers and increase engagement. As content is becoming increasingly visual, it is the dynamic between customers and companies. There is certainly a future for live video within businesses and if executed effectively, can produce a host of profitable benefits.