Seven Budget-Friendly Ways to Market Your Small Business


The internet is certainly an avenue to generating potential customers, but you need to be able to know how to promote what you're offering. 

I am going to provide you with 7 ways that are easy on the budget, to promote your small business. All methods can be done by you and may not even cost a dime!

Search engine optimisation

You’ve got yourself a winner if you can learn how SEO works and how to implement it into your web activities. If you want to find out more I have free tips available for you here. Search engines need to believe that your website has relevance and if you use the correct keywords, you will generate a consistent amount of traffic from search engines. This traffic can then be converted into revenue as you will be attracting the right people to your website.

Content marketing

Content marketing goes hand in hand with will SEO. It is important to create regular content and ensure that your content contains the necessary keywords and luring titles. If you are creating content that is relevant to your viewers. Your content will promote itself as people will discuss and link to it. Creating a constant flow of content can be rather challenging, but it pays off and can raise your rankings in search engines.

Social networks

Social media is a key method of promoting your business. It is important to use social media to share the lovely content that I was mentioning above. Social media is a way to make your company look attractive. Feel free to be creative as it's nice to be different from everyone else. That is what will differentiate you from competitors. You can grow a following on these platforms and quickly spread the word about your company. You can interact with customers directly building personal relationships.

Online video sharing sites

If you have the resources to create video content relevant to your business, do it! Websites like YouTube and Vimeo can generate knowledge about your company. A lot of people are visual and are happy to watch a short, engaging video. These sites are free to use, and the reach they can create is phenomenal. Just make sure that if you start it then be consistent with it as your views will expect to be continually updated.

Pay-per-click advertising

PPC advertising is the tool that you must pay for, but the cost can be controlled. It is to monitor it so that you find the balance between cost and revenue; otherwise, it can be a dent in your budget. Ensure that you a nice return on investment with every PPC campaign created.

E-mail marketing

People believe that the days of e-mail have gone, but it is still very much the most common form of spreading information. If it is done effectively, it can be a powerful source to develop attention on your business. Creating tailored e-mail campaigns that recipients have given consent for. This is important as you do not want to spam people and affect your domains reputation and e-mail deliverability.


Referrals are an effective way to get new users on your website. The fact that other sites are linking to yours makes you credible. An example would be if your company handles SEO for others and you happen to have a big client that links to you. It will make others want to use your services and can drive a lot of traffic to your website.

A combination of all these methods will put your company in a healthy position to be noticed and drive traffic to your site. You can see that there are ways to promote your business internally for free without having to spend money on an agency. Here at Novicell, we can help you with SEO and other methods mentioned in this blog if required. Feel free to contact us to hear what online marketing activities we can help you with to boost your company’s visibility.