Actions You Can Take While Business Slows Down

There aren’t many suitable comparisons with the COVID-19 situation that we are currently experiencing. We've put together some useful tips on what you should consider, from a digital perspective, in relation to this abnormal situation, and how you can leverage the perhaps quieter times to go through a variety of digital ‘clean up’ tasks that don't get much attention under normal circumstances.

And there is plenty to do, for both the market and user mentality is changing right now. We want to give you and your business all possible support and motivation. That's why we are sharing some digital perspectives worthy of consideration in the demanding time we are all experiencing.

Strategy and tactics

  1. Take the time to rethink your strategy.
  • In the short term: What is going to happen now?
  • In the long run: What will your business look like next month and how will you respond to it best?
  1. How you ‘behave’ now has a significant impact on your brand image. Consider decisions and your external communication carefully. Communicate tactically, responsibly and long term.

  2. How does your target audience feel today? Tomorrow? Consider changes to your segmentation tactics.

  3. Physical store sales are declining. Consider redeploying your marketing budget now, so a larger portion is used digitally.


  1. Build your e-mail database with Lead Ads now to create lasting customer relationships.

  2. Do you have a welcome flow set up for your newsletter recipients? Maybe now is the time to get a good and well-functioning mail flow that maintains the interest of your customers.

  3. Plan a future campaign flow so you don't have to think about it later.

  4. Have a look at your lists (remove duplicate e-mails, remove inactive e-mails, or pause them).

  5. Prepare a win-back campaign for your inactive subscribers.

  6. Dive into data and be smart about your sweet spots: analyse past campaigns and find out which times, topics, triggers and call-to-actions work best for your business and target audience.

Social media and advertising

  1. CPM prices are dropping – up to 10–20% on Facebook right now – because more and more advertisers are ‘saving’ their media budget, causing less competition in the bid auction. Take advantage of it to be visible on platforms. Consider now that you need to invest more in top-funnel/branding-based marketing.

  2. Build your e-mail list with Facebook Lead Ads. Our best Lead Ads are delivering 1,068 new e-mails to our customers at the time of writing at £0.12 per lead.

  3. Optimise and structure your campaign setup, audiences and creatives.

  4. Don't turn off your Google Ads campaigns; just consider lowering your budget. Your business continues now and in the future – especially if it's online, where most of us are right now.

  5. Update your ad texts. We recommend a minimum of two responsive ads and two expanded ad texts per Google Ad Group.

  6. Review and optimise product titles for Google Shopping. 

Website and content

  1. Your list for this category is probably already extensive – it’s time to work through some of those tasks.

  2. Optimise and build content on your website based on your latest keyword analysis (be careful if you revisit the analysis now – the current situation probably gives a slightly skewed image – but you can see where to start). Everything from brand, category and product tests to articles and blog posts – and maybe some updated captions on your front page?

  3. How is your content plan? Perhaps it's time to get a good overview and structure the plan into a useful tool such as Trello, Airtable or similar?

  4. As with keyword analysis, there will be both gains and distortions in doing user tests and navigation analysis right now – consider what gives you the most value.

  5. 1, 2, 3, action: now is the time to write and design blog posts, social content, infographics, guides, white papers etc.

  6. We are currently seeing higher activity, especially on LinkedIn. Consider making a plan for how to harness the potential here continually. If the time isn’t right to write content now, then when? 

A disclaimer and one last piece of advice

With this half-length – but very detailed – to-do list for everyone's ‘new everyday life’, we have both a final disclaimer and a prayer:

  1. Disclaimer: You know your business best. Therefore, of course, you should see the to-do list here as inspiration if, like many of us right now, you want to start brainstorming on what to focus on in this abnormal situation.

  2. A little prayer: Avoid making drastic decisions and shutting everything down now because you might not sell/convert/function like a few days ago. But, of course, keep yourself informed or reach out to us if you need advice.

Think long term and take the time now to be ready when normal conditions resume.

Let’s talk about your digital business

Our Head of Marketing, Joseph Goodson, and myself, Digital Marketing Consultant, Jacob Tibbott, are ready to help you plan for the future. 

Have a look at the services that we offer here and reach out to us if you would like to talk about your digital future.