How to Attract the Right Traffic to Increase ROI

We all have an idea of how to generate traffic but are we necessarily driving the right traffic to our websites? 

According to HubSpot, the top two marketing challenges for companies are generating traffic and leads and proving the ROI of their marketing activities. We are going to tell you how to attract the right traffic and how to use the data from this to understand your audience further and create relevant content.

Before trying to generate the right traffic, it is important to know who you want to attract. Creating a persona can help to identify the type of person you are targeting. For example, the type of reader who will read this article is someone that has the challenge of attracting the right traffic, manages multiple assets, wants to understand how to use data or works on KPI’s driven by ROI. This persona can be called an online marketing manager as they would have these interests. Now that you know the type of person you are looking for, you can then do what is required to target these people.

7 ways to generate the right traffic to you

  1. Social Media

Social Media creates traffic to your website even after the first post and can be an essential method for driving the right traffic to your site. One way of generating the right traffic through social media is by using buzzwords. People tend to click on information with keywords they are interested in or are enticing. A crucial way to attract the right traffic is by using hashtags as it expands the reach of your post to people searching around the terms being tagged. Finally, if your content is relevant to the respective industry professionals, they will share it within their network.

  1. Referrals

Referrals are often underestimated and overlooked but can be significantly useful in generating good traffic. The reason why it is good is that the link will have come from a trusted website with the intention of finding your services. The more links from other sites to yours, the more you are likely to have new users engaging with your content that can, in turn, create more sales. An example would be links from review websites, visitors from here are already aware and know what they want and considering making a purchase.

  1. Paid search

Paying for search terms is a common method being used by businesses but is often quickly set up and left. This is something Novicell does well as we have experts continuously working on our paid searches. It is worth investing in people to implement and manage this as it is a key way to send targeted ads to users searching for what you offer.

  1. SEO and titling

SEO and paid search if done together can be very effective. We say this because you can effectively pay for phrases that you can almost guarantee your target audience will search for to increase your ranking in Google search. It is important to, therefore, have relevant keywords and attractive titling to draw people to your content. Interestingly, if your content is being linked to from other websites, your SEO rank will increase.

  1. E-mail marketing

E-mail marketing is an essential method of generating the right traffic if done correctly. You have the potential to reach a mass of people by building permission to send them content. If your content is engaging, visually appealing and relevant to the people receiving these e-mails, you will drive them to view your website.

  1. Website speed

Website speed is an interesting one because if attention isn't given to this, any traffic generated will come to your site and leave immediately. Having a slow website means that search engines cannot crawl enough pages making your web pages less visible and decrease your rank in searches. You can't reach your target audience if you're invisible!

  1. Link structure

Link structure is crucial and relates to the point above. If you have weak link structure (how your web pages link together), you may be confusing Google bots and will end up ranking low in Google search. You will not be discoverable, reducing the quality and quantity of people viewing your website.

Personas and content

Once you have given some attention to the 7 ways to generate the right traffic, you will then need to use the information generated from these steps. You will be able to determine what content is the most engaging and how people are interacting with the content you create. This enables you to use a similar process as mentioned earlier and define some segments that will help to decide the type of content you create once you have analysed the information generated.

You will also begin to understand what your target audience require, enabling you to create tailored content in comparison to ‘spamming’ your audience with generic content. The essence of creating content is to attract and inform about what you are offering. The more relevant the content is, the more likely you are to convince your viewers to make a purchase.

Evaluating traffic

The best way to assess how well your traffic is doing is by keeping track of the conversions being made e.g. how many leads have been generated from the new flow of traffic coming in, how many pages people view before leaving and interactions with your content. Any traffic that is directed to your website can be considered good traffic provided there is some value for them.

Our advice would be to follow the 7 ways to generate traffic, analyse the traffic being generated from doing this, create segments/personas and try to understand their requirements, create content that is personalised and relevant to your viewers and in turn, your ROI will eventually increase.

For more knowledge on personas and personalisation sign up for our seminar on Wednesday 5 July titled 9 ways data and personalisation will improve your ROI.