BERT, the New Google Algorithm

There has been a lot of talk about BERT, the new Google algorithm, in recent weeks. At the moment, it is being implemented for consultations in English and will gradually expand throughout the rest of the world.

But what is BERT?

Google BERT (Bidirectional Encoder Representations from Transformers) is one of the biggest SEO updates in recent years.

This new algorithm is going to help better understand and analyse the metrics and context of the words in the searches that users perform thanks to Artificial Intelligence. In this case, the content of a site will not be analysed, but what the user is looking for will be.

But ... is BERT really useful for users?

Google has done a lot of tests, such as the ones shown below.

BERT example 1:

The first example that Google shows in its blog refers to this particular search: ‘2019 brazil traveller to USA need a visa’. In this sentence, prepositions are important in order to understand the meaning. This is a Brazilian who travels to the United States and not vice versa.

The algorithms prior to BERT did not offer optimal results since they incorrectly understood that it was someone from the United States travelling to Brazil. The new BERT algorithm will give greater importance to prepositions and pronouns.

Ejemplo del nuevo algoritmo de Google BERT

BERT example 2:

When the user did the following search ‘do esthetician stand a lot at work’, Google used to relate it to other concepts. For example, the old system used to think that ‘stand’ was the same as ‘stand-alone’, which isn’t the case in this example.

Ejemplo de la nueva actualización de SEO Google

BERT example 3:

In this example, we can see that from the following search ‘math practice books for adults’, the result offered by BERT is better than the one before.

Resultados de Google con el nuevo algoritmo BERT

Google commented that 1 in 10 results would be affected by the BERT algorithm – this means 10% of all queries.

So far, at Novicell we have not noticed any real visual impact, but we do believe that BERT will help Google's search engine better analyse natural language. On some occasions, what users write is very complicated to decipher by the search engine and the results are not the best match for the query since Google did not know how to interpret the searches well.

We recommend that you add a note today to Google Analytics to check if, from this moment, your traffic undergoes any modification. In this way, you can have more control over the analytics of your website.

In the end, it is advisable not to do anything special for BERT, but be unique to your users; write for people and not for algorithms. If the content is of good quality and you have worked correctly on the SEO of the site, you will get a good ranking position in Google.

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