Online Advertising

TikTok Advertising for Beginners – Ready, Set, Go!

TikTok advertising is the new ads platform in town. The medium is still young, which means low competition with other advertisers. The low competition also means lower prices and better opportunities to get attention from the young target audience th…

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Keeping the Travel Industry Afloat During COVID-19

The travel industry has been one of the worst hit during the coronavirus pandemic. With many flights now grounded and holidays/events postponed or even cancelled, the travel industry is facing its toughest challenge to date. Here are a few tips for b…

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Coronavirus and Google Ads: What Is the Impact?

COVID-19 has become a global event that affects public health and the economy; of course the advertising market is no stranger to this new situation. We cannot and should not stop communicating. But how have Google Ads metrics been impacted during th…

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