Content Marketing 2018: Give It Your Full Attention

Content Marketing has been one of those buzzwords on the marketing scene in recent years. Are we going to be flogging it too?

Yes, to a large extent. Because what is marketing without content? More or less as pointless as content without marketing, right?

Content should be of high quality and relevant to your customers - and you need to distribute it carefully.

Otherwise, you'll fall into the pool of thin marketing communication.

In other words: There's still plenty to talk about when it comes to content marketing: Formats, segmentation, distribution…just about everything in fact.


Video marketing – be a scroll stopper!

In 2021, video will represent 82% of all IP traffic, Cisco, BI Intelligence estimates.

So, you should no longer be asking yourself whether to make a video, but how, so it won't be lost in the sheer volume of videos out there.


Be a scroll stopper!

This is Chris Kubbernus' mantra from his post on strategic video marketing. He summaries a video's requirements under 'the 4 ables':

  • Searchable
  • Clickable
  • Enjoyable
  • Shareable

Do your videos currently meet these requirements? If not, then stop reading and come back when you've fixed this. :) Or check our Video Content and Production services. 

… Done?

It's easier said than done to stand out with a video because the competition is already massive.

But there are several things you can work on. Here are a couple of considerations to start with:

  • Is your thumbnail brilliant?
  • Is your video tagged with the most important keywords first?
  • Have you split your looooong video into smaller parts (9-15 minutes is optimal)?
  • Have you thought about whether the language version is relevant?
  • Are you using text (so the message is clear even without sound?)
  • Do you instantly capture your audience? The first three seconds are crucial.
  • Do you use all possible (and impossible) resources to create awareness (movement, colour, you name it)?


Relevance before everything

Are you really meticulous with your video production, fine-tuning the smallest detail?

If it's taking a long time, then stop, because relevance and timing beat 'quality' every time.

It's NOW you need to be present and answer your target group - which is why live streaming and Q and A sessions are also increasingly popular formats.


Vertical, vertical, vertical

Did you think that the horizontal format was the thing to do in video marketing? Not if you want an audience. Here are the facts on the table:

  • Vertical video ads have a 58% higher reach than horizontal one
  • Horizontal video ads are 64% more expensive than vertical video ads

  • Vertical video ads get 28% more post reactions than horizontal ones

  • Vertical video ads get 39% more shares than horizontal ones 
    (Source: Chris Kubbernus)

2. User Engagement - the beautiful way

User engagement is a must, and beautifying apps and tools are popular.

Here users upload and edit their photos via various filters - to then share them on social media.

We're all familiar with the beautifying filters from Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook, which make even the early morning selfie share-friendly.

This need is being increasingly met, especially in Asia where the beautifying concept of Meito is in full expansion.

But you're probably wondering what this means to you, the sender.

The answer is user engagement and data.

It's as simple as that. And face recognition is being widely used all over the world for razor-sharp segmentation and retargeting.

It might be a while yet before the western markets follow Asia in this area. But you should still ask yourself: How do you involve (and beautify) your target group - and what do you get in return?


3. Sharing is caring

Did you know that 50% of all content has max. four shares?

'The content struggle is real' says Jaime Pham from LinkedIn in her post about how to become a hit with your content on social media.

Firstly it's about the sender.

Personal shares have double as high a CTR (click through rate) as company shares. Why? Because people trust people - not companies.

So it's not a daft idea to engage your network to achieve a higher reach and commitment with personal communicators.

And what do readers hunger for? That depends on the industry of course. Here are just a couple of examples:

But remember: One thing is what impacts from an engagement perspective - another is what leads to backlinks and conversions.

So think carefully about what the target of your content really is.

Professionals are also consumers. And people.


What captures your readers? What makes them read YOUR content? That your communication is advanced, maybe even complicated? Rarely.

B2B companies have long been scolded for their complex language, but we are gradually seeing more and more B2B communication written in an entertaining register and style across platforms.

But what works for which target groups is individual.

That's why the solution is always to:

  • Test
  • Optimise
  • Repeat


“Slow down. Fewer things done better. The world does not need more shallow content”


That's the final word from Jaime Pham. And as we abide by those words: Good luck with your content marketing optimisations in 2018.

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