Content Marketing in Practice

Creating a strategy is one thing but executing it is another. In the article ‘Is your content marketing strategy maximising your content's potential?’ We provided six steps to create a content marketing strategy. Here we are giving an insight into how we have implemented these steps at Novicell.

The challenge of content marketing

When you have multiple campaigns to publish, different communication channels and several content editors, structure and overview are required- especially if people are busy working for clients and still have the responsibility of producing content for the business. That is something we experience here at Novicell.

Content production Novicell

  • We consistently produce content to cover six different business areas:  software development, digital design, digital strategy, online marketing and company news. 
  • We publish content on five different platforms: 

Our websitenewsletterFacebookLinkedIn and Twitter.

The tool we use to structure the creation and publishing of our content work is an editorial board called Trello. It is web-based project management application. 

Below is a picture of our content board. We will now explain how it is structured and how we use the various functions in Trello.

 Trello board


In Trello, you can create boards (as shown above) and share them with other team members. The example above is an overview of the different marketing activities going on, but you can make the board tailored to specific aspects regarding content. In this example, you can see the planned content with dates for creation and you can write notes to remind yourself of any valuable information related to the content. The board's structure is elaborated below.


Boards are made from lists. For example, if you created a content board then your lists will be the months of the year (see picture below). If you want to use a list in a previous or new board that you have created, then you can easily copy lists across other boards.

trello lists


In each list, you can create a card. These cards make up the individual content ideas. You can add as many cards as required in a list. Whenever you think of an idea for content, it is important to add a card so that you can remember and make plans concerning it.

trello cards

These cards can also be viewed in a calendar format if you add due dates to them (explained later) by pressing ‘Show menu’ (located under your name) and then selecting ‘Power-ups’ and then Calendar.


To quickly identify content areas that have been covered, you can add coloured labels. A good method would be to colour code the different topics your company covers which will then indicate if the creation of content for each subject has been evenly distributed. This can be done by clicking the card you want to colour code and selecting labels as shown below.

trello labels


Checklists are very useful to keep track of which mediums you have used to share your content. You can see in the picture above that we have used a checklist showing the platforms we use and tick them off once content has been shared there. If you use a similar checklist consistently, you can select it each time by going to the checklist menu and selecting the ‘copy items from’ drop down menu. A checklist will go green and show the number of items completed once all the elements have been ticked.

trello checklists

Attachments, due dates, tags and members

Trello also allows you to attach files to cards that have been created and set deadlines. You can tag team members in comments or add a member to delegate responsibility for that card. If a team member has been tagged, they will receive an email notification.

trello due dates

One of many ways!

The reason we have chosen Trello as a tool for content marketing is that it is a visual plan in a structured order, providing an immediate overview of what has been done and needs to be done. You can organise things so that it shows the various campaigns, individual content pieces, social sharing and anything else all in one screen. This tool has worked very well for the marketing teams at Novicell and if you are a visual person, then this tool is one of the better ones for you.

If you want to know more about using Trello to plan content, have a look at an article from Trello giving inspiration on the diverse ways to create and use boards.