Despite Brexit: Danish Bureau Storms Ahead in London

First published on 29th January 2019 on markedsfø (in Danish)

While Brexit concerns rise in large parts of Europe, the Danish digital agency Novicell certainly does not regret opening an office in London, as large international customers are now flowing.

The Danish digital agency Novicell, headquartered in the Aarhus suburb of Højbjerg, opened an office in London just over two years ago. It happened at a time that was marked by uncertainty in the wake of Brexit, but the Danish agency can now report bustle in the office in the English capital.

In recent months, a number of large international companies have been added to the customer list. The latest example is Bureau Vertitas, a certification agency that employs 74,000 people in 140 countries.

Several tasks from mega-brands

Celeste Morrissey, Marketing Manager of Bureau Vertitas, is looking forward to working closely with Novicell.

‘We have contacted Novicell via our department in Copenhagen, which has a very good impression of them,’ says Celeste Morrissey, who has just signed a collaboration agreement with Novicell, valid until 2020. ‘And after working with them for some time, I fully share this picture. The UK will be part of a pilot project that we will be rolling out in the coming year. The project will be about modernising our platforms, and in this connection, I believe that we can work more efficiently if we combine our activities with fewer partners.’

Danish CMS success paves the way

The breakthrough for Novicell in the English market is derived from the international progress made by Danish-developed CMS platforms such as Sitecore and Umbraco – in which the Danish digital agency are specialists – assesses Anders Holt, CCO and director of Novicell in London.

‘The success of the Danish-developed CMS platforms have enabled us to open the doors to some companies that we could only dream of a year ago,’ says Anders Holt. ‘It's some of the world's biggest brands that suddenly show up to our knowledge sharing events and are interested in hearing what we have to say.

‘The international mega-brands are looking for business partners who have both experience with the Danish platforms and who are also present in the cities where they have their departments. This has given Novicell a special competitive advantage over here and has made it significantly more fun to be a Danish development house in London.’

Hiring for future success

When the Danish digital agency established itself in London, it was a small unit that was supposed to support Novicell's Danish customers' activities in the UK. Today, the tasks are increasingly moving the opposite way.

Even though Novicell now has its own development team and digital marketing team at the Liverpool Street office in the central part of London, one has to draw on colleagues in Denmark to keep up.

‘Currently, we have seven Danish colleagues working hard on London customers. We try to solve the resource situation with a handful of newly launched positions over here, but it is difficult to find employees who have the right competencies with the Danish CMS platforms,’ concludes Anders Holt, who has just hired Umbraco's former Head of Training and cloud expert, Rune Strand, for the London office.

In total, Novicell currently has 230 employees in seven offices in Denmark, Spain, Norway and the UK.