7 New Digital Marketing and Technology Trends in 2018

As we have entered a new year, it's the time to start planning activities and to achieve the objectives that we have set. 

At Novicell we want to welcome 2018 by introducing a selection of the latest digital marketing and technology trends we believe will be relevant to companies in 2018. 

1. The 3 Vs

The 3 Vs are: video, voice and virtual reality. These 3 trends are growing stronger and it seems that that they will continue to grow powerfully in 2018. Video, voice and virtual reality have one element in common: the need to generate increasingly natural digital communication.


In 2017 we witnessed how video was becoming established and gaining ground but, this year, its presence will be even more noticeable on social networks. The trend is an increasing movement towards the broadcasting of videos in real time. Facebook live, Instagram Stories or streaming on Youtube are examples of this.

As an interesting fact, Facebook video achieves an average of 135% more organic growth than images.

An increasing amount of audiovisual content is included on web pages; while the inclusion of Youtube videos within Google search results is on the rise.


Voice recognition technology, together with artificial intelligence, have evolved greatly in recent years, but even in 2017 it had still not achieved widespread use.

In the mobile environment, Google Know (OK Google), Siri or Cortana, will revolutionise how we search, and therefore, how SEO is done. Keywords will be a long tail for voice searches. Fixed virtual assistants, focussing more on domestic use, such as Alexa or Google Home will gain in weight and presence in 2018. Little by little, the integration of these technologies with other products (IoT) will continue to gain traction. One relevant detail, Alexa had the third highest sales on Amazon US during Black Friday.

Virtual reality

It was already a prediction for 2017, although it appears that it was incorrect. Virtual reality has still not found its place among users. It seems that it will have a particular impact in the tourist and real-estate sectors. We will monitor its evolution. 

2. Mobile first

It is already a fact: smartphones have become our essential travel companion. They were last year, but with the only difference that in 2018 their use will probably change: purchases via these devices will continue to grow.  

But don't forget to optimise your website for mobile devices because otherwise Google might not recognise your page SINCE MOBILE FIRST OFFICIALLY IS A SEO RANKING FACTOR, and your website might not appear in the top search results.

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3. Security and privacy

On the one hand, Google will start to better process secure websites, i.e. sites that use https protocol

If your company processes any personal data, both of clients and employees, it is also very important that you adapt to the New European Regulation on Data Protection before it comes into force in the EU on 25 May 2018 to avoid any financial penalties.  

4. Chatbots


Companies have realised that user experience is key and one of the best ways of being able to attend to both their clients and potential clients is via chatbots. These virtual assistants allow companies to tailor their services to their users. This year, the trend is that livechat services using bots will become much more common on corporate websites. 

5. Tailored experiences

It must be clear that today's clients don't want to purchase objects, but experiences. Companies must create and integrate emotional stories within their products and services for their clients.

Users are more likely to return to a website that recommends and suggests products or services that are tailored to their experience. In fact, 66% of consumers confirm that it is highly likely that they would change brand if they feel like a person rather than a number. 

6. Social networks more focussed on sales

It is obvious that the organic scope has drastically reduced on most social networks, but the most significant reduction has been noted to be on Facebook. The business model is changing. If you want improved visibility, you need to proceed to the checkout.

Various studies confirm that if our publications are not promoted, the scope may be just 2% increasing to a maximum of 15%. On the other hand, if we promote each publication to our fans, we will reach potential clients thanks to Facebook's segmentation. The number of people reached will depend on the investment made.

Although it may seem obvious, companies should not be on every social network. They should only feature on the networks where their potential clients are found. How many companies are on every network but do not update the content, or do not interact? 

7. Business Intelligence

This might be the most important trend for companies to take into consideration. They will have to be able to gather their clients' data and know how to interpret it to gain valuable insight.

This is where it becomes important to know how to analyse the data gathered, to be able to implement tailored strategies and actions.

One of the most significant benefits of Social Intelligence is that it allows companies to gain competitive advantage. As we have been able to see and experience in recent years, the digital world is constantly changing due to rapid technological advances.

B2B companies are experiencing this year after year. They are witnessing that it is essential to constantly adapt to new trends if you do not want the competition to take a lead.

Finally, not every trend is suitable for everyone. Each company needs to identify which applications and technologies best suit their products or services, to be able to offer the client what they really want and need.

The best recommendation is to investigate and analyse the results of the actions taken, to drive a tailored strategy and adapt it to the objectives of the company and the needs of your clients.

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