Half of Your Customers Disappear While You Are Offline

I've seen it more times than I can count ...

50% of corporate customers are neglected in e-commerce. Businesses simply forget the fact that many visitors spend their time shopping at home on the couch at 10pm. Shops and businesses are typically open between 9-5. This means that sales and support staff and people with knowledge of the company are gone while there are customers in the store.

The consequence of this mismatch is lower conversion rates, smaller shopping baskets and generally less business in the evening.

This must be fixed:

If the customer knows that it cannot get help, it does not ask and will probably look elsewhere. Customer makes a quick Google search and finds the closest competitor. If the competitor seems more accessible and can answer questions "here-and-now", the customer will buy from them.

So how can we embrace this consumer behaviour and provide service in the best possible way without having staff hired 24/7?

Two important points to help:

1. About 70% of all customers' questions are simple, easy and often banal. They are usually already written on the FAQ page, and they can easily be answered immediately.

Questions like: "How do I use my discount code?", "When does product XYZ come back in stock?", How do I return my order? "," Do you have product XYZ in red? "Or" Is it possible to ship to my country? " Quite simple topics that can be answered by a robot.

2. Therefore: Hire a robot - a chat robot. They never sleep and they cost almost nothing. This way, you can answer most of the queries even when the staff is offline – because the chat robot is always online.

When it comes to the 30% more complex issues that the robot cannot handle, you can either get the robot to contact a person or ask the customer to leave their contact information so that one can return when the staff is back at work.

So, do you have a robot on your payroll?

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