How to Become an Umbraco MVP

Every year, Umbraco honours the hardworking people of its community and awards the title of Umbraco Most Valued People (MVP) to deserving members. Umbraco is a user-friendly open source CMS-platform (Content Management System) that helps companies manage their online content.

Here at Novicell UK, we are very proud to have Ismail Mayat as part of our Development and IT Architecture team, who has been honoured as an Umbraco MVP two times.

In receiving one, I was very honoured and humbled. This is my second one, and it was totally unexpected, says Ismail Mayat, Senior Software Developer & Solutions Architect, Novicell UK

Who is the man behind the brain?

Ismail is 46 years old and lives with his wife and three sons in Lancashire in northern England. He joined Novicell as a Senior Software Developer & Solutions Architect in July 2019.

Even though Ismail has a degree in chemistry, he has never used it. He decided to do a master’s degree in computing instead and has been working in IT since 1998. He has worked with Content Management Systems (CMS) since 2001 and Umbraco since 2005.

In his spare time, he enjoys swinging kettlebells and his Bulgarian bag at the local gym. Ismail also enjoys perfumery and has quite a collection of aftershaves and oil-based attars.

How to become an Umbraco MVP

Actually, Ismail had no set plan for getting an MVP title.

It just happened, and I was shocked. However, constant and useful contributions will get you recognised, and an MVP will follow, says Ismail.

Up until around five years ago, the MVP was awarded based on Umbraco Karma and a voting system. You would get Karma points whenever you answered a question or released an Umbraco package. Then, the top 20 earners would be put forward to a voting system, and the highest top 10 would be honoured with an MVP title.

Now, Umbraco has a new format. A team at HQ looks at active members based on Karma points, as well as their contributions via community talks, core code contributions, blog posts, and submission of packages.

Ismail is involved in the Umbraco community on and as a speaker at Umbraco events.

I think I received mine due to speaking at quite a few Umbraco events, running a workshop at last year’s Umbraco UK festival and for creating and delivering the official Umbraco Examine search training course, says Ismail.

With the new system, more non-technical people are awarded MVPs.

What is next?

For the future, Ismail has Umbraco-related and non-Umbraco-related plans.

He wants to contribute more to the Umbraco core code.

It is a great way to improve coding skills and learn new techniques, and the main thing is that you are giving back, says Ismail.

In October, he is attending CODECABIN for the first time. CODECABIN is an invite-only weekend away for Umbraco developers, providing time to code, learn and network.

He also plans to attend more non-Umbraco events in the future. Ismail will be attending ProgNET London 2019 in September, a three-day event where one day of talks is followed by two days of practical hands-on workshops under the guidance of leading .NET experts.

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