How to get the most of the Sitecore platform for Marketing

Day-to-day marketing work usually involves balancing different applications and services at once, all with endless functionality and purpose. Obviously, this can be overwhelming for marketers at times. The Sitecore content management system (CMS) platform encompasses all the tools needed to effectively manage all of your marketing activities in both a methodised and customised way. If platforms such as Mailchimp, Google Analytics, HubSpot or WordPress sound familiar to you, imagine all of their functionalities squeezed into one single platform. That’s what the Sitecore experience provides.  

In this article, we will provide you with insight into the application potentials of the Sitecore platform, evaluate its implementation costs, and present a thorough overview of the main functions used to tailor the Sitecore CMS to suit your company’s exact needs.  


The Ultimate Marketing Experience with Sitecore  

Sitecore is a truly advanced Digital Experience Platform (DXP). This means that it can be used by various types of organisations to create seamless and personalised digital experiences for its users.   

One of the major benefits of this Digital Experience platform is the Sitecore analytics function. This module is based on a set of parameters, configured through complete user-engagement evaluation, which monitors users’ engagement with your website or digital platform. This allows marketers to analyse and better understand consumer behaviour through detailed insight into their online activity, not just their visit time.  


Sitecore Experience Platform 

Sitecore Experience Platform (Sitecore XP) is the section of the Sitecore CMS that allows users to generate hyper-personalised content. It combines customer data, analytics and marketing automation so that marketers can nurture customer relationships using personalised content in real time delivered across various online channels. This ensures that each time a user visits your website, the content they are presented with is highly relevant and tailored to their needs.  

Among its many customisable functions, the following stand out:  

  • The Sitecore CMS can create a display page with different types of content depending on the user’s location.  
  • Different types of content can also be displayed to users with a specific IP address. There are many public IP addresses, especially from large corporations. This feature enables personalised content to reach those users from competitor organisations. 
  • The Sitecore Experience Platform provides all the necessary tools for user profiling and deep analysis of user behaviour. All of this data can be used to create a truly custom user journey on your digital platform.  

Sitecore Experience Commerce

The Sitecore Experience Commerce platform (Sitecore XC) is Sitecore’s e-commerce engine. It is the only platform that naturally merges content, commerce and data into a single enterprise-level commerce solution.  

With Sitecore’s hyper-personalised content function, e-commerce users will be recommended and promoted specific products based on their profile, behaviour and recognised interest. Not only this but customer relationships can be maintained before, during and after the transaction is made. For this reason, Sitecore is the ultimate platform for creating personalised shopping experiences that optimise user experiences and increase conversions.  

Sitecore Content Hub 

Sitecore Content Hub is a unified and integrated solution designed for planning, production, and collaboration of all company content. It provides a 360-degree view of your content landscape so that you can take back control of the entire life cycle of your content. It is especially relevant for corporations that find content management difficult due to different types of publishers, delegations, markets and content authorship. Sitecore Content Hub helps you manage every aspect of your marketing with a single integrated solution.  

Interestingly, artificial intelligence is a major feature of the content hub which uses machine learning to tag content and identify image similarity, saving you the time and money needed to create new images.  

Sitecore AI  

User experiences are highly customisable with Sitecore AI. This module uses machine learning data and algorithms to provide unlimited automation and auto-personalisation options adjusted to your company’s objectives.  

For instance, Sitecore AI gains insight from visitors’ previous experiences on your website to provide them with personalised visitor experiences tailored to their individual preferences and activities. Sitecore AI handles all the complex technical setup for you, allowing you to focus on the content and editing tasks at hand.  

Sitecore Connectors  

The Sitecore platform includes various integration features to bring out-of-the-box functionality. Through third-party products such as Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Retail and Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales, the platform enables users to integrate solutions that they already use. This means that Sitecore users can preserve the connected experience for the next emerging channel without losing data.  

Conduct an audit to get started with Sitecore CMS 

Sitecore is a platform with multiple layers of complexity and relationships between modules that allow for customised marketing management with no experience off-limit. To get the most out of your Sitecore experience, an audit is required to implement all custom solutions effectively. If you are already using the Sitecore CMS, but feel that you are yet to receive the most out of the platform, Novicell can help you by conducting a Sitecore audit. We will propose detailed corrective actions that should be taken to enhance integration, feature usage, performance and upgrade potential.  

This would include:  

  • A workshop to define your goals using the Sitecore CMS  
  • Engagement value scale development  
  • Taxonomy settings  
  • A document that outlines a plan for Sitecore implementation using different Sitecore marketing applications  
  • Sitecore CMS user training  

Here at Novicell, we are certified Sitecore development partners with vast experience in delivering effective solutions on the Sitecore platform. We have our own specialised in-house Sitecore department working to provide high-quality Sitecore implementation and development.  

Need help to assess if you are getting the full value from your Sitecore platform?

At Novicell, our Sitecore architects have built an interactive quiz to help you find out. After completing the quiz, you will receive a report with recommendations on how to improve your Sitecore platform.

If you need us to support you in switching to Sitecore CMS, or if you already have Sitecore and want to get the most out of the platform we are more than happy to assist you.  

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