How to Seduce Your Web Users with a Tailor-Made Page

You've surely heard the phrases "a picture paints a thousand words" and "first impressions count" a hundred times, but how can we apply that to a digital business?   

Design is crucial

The design of a website is very important, and the first impression that users receive of your website is crucial. When users enter a website, they take less than one second to form an opinion about the brand.

Just think about the first thing that comes into your mind when you enter a website and you can't understand the structure of the content, the images won't load, etc. Would you buy something from, or re-visit that website? Users will start to question whether this is a trusted site and if this is a professional company. 

If you have a business, you must already know that if you're not online, you don't exist, and if you don't exist, you can't sell anything because noone knows who you are. That said, neither can you fall into the trap of being there for the sake of it, creating a simple page and leaving it at that. Those visiting your page will make a snap judgement. 

How can you make a good digital first impression?

To be able to seduce users with your website, you need to know what they're focusing on when they access a website. It is vital to focus on two aspects:


The browsing structure and the usability of the website are basic features. The clearer, simpler and more intuitive, the better. A quality website must be responsive and adaptable to any device (smartphone, tablet, screen, etc.). For a user to spend more time on your website, the design must be attractive and the links and buttons have to work. 


A website feeds off its content, which is not only found on the blog, but on every page of the website:

  • Home page: Users can reach our website via different channels, but you can be sure that at some point they will visit the home page. This page should feature information about who we are, what we do and what we can offer our users, as well as our contact information.
  • About us section: Once a user has visited our website and wants to find out more, they will want to know who we are. This section doesn't need to explain our services or products, they want to know a little more about the human aspect of the company. At this point, we should tell a story, include presentation videos, achievements, etc.
  • Product or service section: This section should define what we are offering our users. If selling a product, it should outline the benefits and especially make it easy for the user to make a purchase. And if we offer services, these should be well detailed.
  • Blog: The content of the blog will help our website to appear in search engines, increase the traffic to our website, promote visitor loyalty, improve our online reputation, generate leads, and much more.


How can you create a professional website

There are various options on the market for building the best website for you, ranging from creating the page yourself to contracting a professional developer.

Before creating a website, it is important to ensure the design and structure are defined in line with your objectives.

Cloud based web development platforms, such as Wix, are great to create a page quickly and easily but they won't stand out in the long-term due to certain limitations.  

As we have mentioned, you can choose different options depending on your objectives. You are surely wondering: do I really need a developer to create or change my business's website? The answer is: it depends. If you do not have the knowledge required, the best solution is to work with a developer who will make your life much easier. As you will know, sometimes seeking the cheapest option will cost you more in the long-term.

The best known CMSs (Content Management Systems) will allow you to create a website using templates. All you have to do is to personalise the pages and fill in the content. But it's important to note that they have a great disadvantage: plugins and templates are sometimes incompatible. Even if they are compatible, they can change at any time and may no longer meet your requirements.

That said, if what you're looking for is a specific design, the best option is to create a 100% programmed and tailor-made website, for example, in Sitecore or Umbraco. What business owners or marketing directors need to consider is how much they can pay, what they need, and what they want to see on their website.  

Some of the advantages of developing a tailor-made website for your company are:

  • Functionality
  • Design
  • Security
  • Scalability
  • Speed

Ultimately, it's always best to take full control of the project so that it can be modified or scaled to the company's objectives.