INBOUND2021 Recap - Here's what you missed

Whilst INBOUND started as a small conference with only a few speakers, it has quickly become the highly anticipated, not-to-miss HubSpot event of the year. The conference is typically held in Boston, but the pandemic meant INBOUND2021 was run as a fully immersive, online experience – and it did not disappoint!  

Marketers, designers, and more industry specialists descended into the virtual conference in anticipation of the announcement of HubSpot’s new products and features, as well as the latest marketing trends and insights.  

If you missed a few sessions, or couldn’t attend the event at all, don’t stress! We’ve compiled a full recap of everything you need to know about INBOUND2021.  

INBOUND Day 1 | Dharmesh, Yamini Rangan and Brian Halligan  

Day one sessions covered all things content, cookies, and the user experience, with the common motif being customer centricity. Our favourite spotlight sessions came from Dharmesh, Yamini Rangan and Brian Halligan. Dharmesh kicked off INBOUND21 by highlighting the importance of storytelling and detailing how customer relationship management (CRM) platforms have evolved to continuously  serve  customers. Dharmesh went on to emphasise that businesses need to abandon a franken-system approach to CRM, and focus instead on putting the magic back into CRM, much like HubSpot have.  

HubSpot is now focused on empowering buyers, rather than giving authority to sellers. Therefore, this year’s HubSpot product updates were all about creating a more customer centric, connected and customisable experience for the buyer. More on this later.  

The roundtable session with Yamini Rangan and Brian Halligan emphasised the importance of the customer above all else. Brian Halligan highlighted the fact that B2B customers are starting to look increasingly like B2C customers. This is especially true when considering e-commerce customers. Whilst 25 years ago it may have been a big deal to buy a book online that costed £10, in 2021 B2C buyers are comfortably spending £25,000 on a car without ever seeing it in-store. Understanding the mindset of customers is crucial to business success. Yamini got to the heart of the issue regarding customer centricity, explaining that rapidly growing companies “end up in silos and disconnected places” and expect the customer “to become the bridge across their systems, departments, and people,” resulting in poor customer experience. 

New on the Horizon: HubSpot’s Product and Feature Updates 

In a pledge to put “C” back into CRM, HubSpot announced product updates that focused on making their platform more customer-centric, connected, and customisable.   

Customer Centric 

HubSpot’s new features were created with customers in mind. The new customer portal allows customers to seamlessly view and manage support tickets, explore the HubSpot knowledge base, and take ownership of their service experience. On the back of this, HubSpot also introduced custom feedback service to make sure customers feel heard. 

Perhaps the most exciting new feature, HubSpot Payments allow you to provide a seamless buying experience to your customers. The feature is natively built into the HubSpot platform, making it easy to embed payment links into websites, emails, quotes and more! 

*Note: this feature is currently in beta and only available in the U.S. 


Who doesn’t love clean and connected data? HubSpot now has over 50 new data sync integrations to help you track and report on website and app activity directly in the HubSpot CRM. Even more exciting is the new and improved custom report builder, allowing you to build reports with all your CRM data. Just to make sure you stay organised, HubSpot's marketplace feature has multiple integrations to help you stay on top of your systems and data sources.  

Additionally, the Operations Hub Enterprise will be available for purchase on 1 November 2021 and includes datasets: a new business intelligence feature. Using datasets, operations leaders can curate collections of data for downstream users to build reports on, ultimately giving businesses quick and consistent reporting.  


With their new features, HubSpot has made it simpler than ever to make the platform your own. Association improvements allow you to align the HubSpot CRM with the way you run your business. Business units make managing multiple brands across a single portal easy, and new admin features let you organise your users seamlessly.  

HubSpot Enterprise customers will also have access to sandboxeswhich are production-like portals where you can try and test new things without making an impact on your existing setup. This is a must-have feature for those who want to experiment with new features, completely risk-free.  

INBOUND Day 2 | Sara Paiji Yoo  on Social Responsibility at Scale 

Social responsibility has been a hot topic in recent years, and continues to be now more than ever before. Following the theme of customer centricity, co-founder and CEO of Blueland, Sara Paiji Yoo, gave an interesting talk on how Blueland has utilised the direct-to-consumer method to add value to the company.  


Sara’s mission for Blueland is centred around making it easy to be eco, and the company created an innovating new cleaning product sold in the form of tablets. Because Blueland’s customers had not seen this kind of cleaning product before, there was a level of education needed in the marketing strategy. Citing a research article, Sara explained that consumers rarely read more than ten words about a product – this is not enough to explain a new concept to customers. To combat this, Blueland endeavours to engage directly with the customer to make sure their message is conveyed correctly. For example, by paying attention to what customers were returning and why,  Blueland explained that this data could be used to aid product development. 

INBOUND Day 3 | Oprah Winfrey on Lessons Learned on the Road to Success 

Inbound 2021 ended with the word intention. Incredibly influential, Oprah Winfrey closed INBOUND 2021 with a session on the lessons she learnt throughout her journey to success. Oprah reminded us to do everything with a clear purpose, following the Principle of Intention, to connect with customers, and people in general. Intention fuels the outcome – in your private life as well as your professional life - so before making any big decision, such as signing a customer, ask yourself about the intention behind it. Why do you want to do this and are you in fact the best one for the job? This session evoked a myriad of emotions and was an incredible finale to a fantastic week.  

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