Is Umbraco the Right CMS for Your Company?

Umbraco is one of the most commonly used content management systems (CMS) to deploy and manage sites. Umbraco currently has over 400,000 active sites worldwide.

Umbraco is a free, open source CMS. Here at Novicell, we have used Umbraco to create some of the most incredible solutions including a powerful web shop for Power, Denmark’s biggest online electronics store. The fact that Umbraco is open source is beneficial for us as it enables us to create the perfect solution for our customers tailored to their requirements. Umbraco being open source also means that it is continually updated and improved.

Regardless of the size of your website, Umbraco can accommodate it. Umbraco also offers Umbraco Cloud which is a fully managed hosting service tailored to Umbraco that integrates with Azure. So that was a little on Umbraco, its capabilities and the solutions we can create for you. We will now get into the specifics about what Umbraco as a CMS offers.

Are you looking for a new CMS? Umbraco may very well be the solution you need!

As mentioned earlier, Umbraco is an open source platform, so there are always constant upgrades and improvements being made to make the content management process more user-friendly and make life easier for content editors. There is an extensive community of Umbraco users and developers that work together to improve the platform, and Umbraco implements what the community desires.

Key features

Easy editing

Editing on Umbraco is simple to learn and can be learnt by using it. All media and workflows are managed within the platform thus creating a simplified content management experience.

Open source

Anyone and everyone has access to and can use Umbraco’s source code as they choose without licensing or usage requirements. This enables developers to get creative with their websites and create their components. 

Media management

Media files are easy to manage and store, drag and drop functionality and responsive cropping.


Avoid those awkward styling and functionality error by using Umbraco’s preview mode. This is where content editors can see how any created pages will look on multiple devices without making the page live.

Integration with other platforms

Umbraco integrates with almost any third-party application using a fully extensible API.

Design crazy

Designers have the freedom to get as creative as possible without constraints or even having knowledge of Umbraco. All it requires it an import of CSS, HTML or JavaScript.


You can set different users permissions to ensure that silly mistakes are not made.

Multilingual capabilities

Umbraco has multilingual capabilities enabling your websites to be accessible in multiple languages.

We can help you to create a multilingual website, a web shop, literally any solution you need we can do. Feel free to contact us for a free consultation to discuss your requirements.