Novicell Offices Become One Big Family at Annual Kick Off Event

As a company, Novicell like to ensure that their employees have a fun time. Employees are encouraged to engage in social activities together, both during and after working hours or travel to the other offices. Having a pleasant experience at work is paramount.

Colleagues from all offices came together for Novicell’s annual Kick Off Event. Every spring, we spend a whole weekend together socialising, engaging in workshops and doing various teambuilding exercises.

Everybody set off together from the office in Denmark to enjoy a joyful coach ride. The coach stopped halfway to drop off people for the first activity for the weekend which was canoeing (little did they know that this would be the worst decision of their lives). Unfortunately, I couldn’t join so I decided to go ahead and pick the best bed in my room.

Things didn’t start well as the weather decided to be unkind to us and deliver torrential rain (this was when I became thankful for not going to canoeing). After scoping out the area and locating some food, the canoers returned a dripping mess, after hours of walking due to a mix up with the coach #disaster

Despite the weather, spirits were high as everyone was ready to have an enjoyable time. After lovely food and conversations flowing, the live entertainment commenced with an amazing band! Please note that simultaneously, the CEO was playing FIFA with the many FIFA lovers within the company e.g. the writer of this blog.

After many hours unaccounted for on FIFA, it was time for everyone just to have an enjoyable time, and that’s how day one ended.

The next day started bright and early with fantastic weather and some good old-fashioned Orienteering. Many teams set off into the woods searching for the various checkpoints using a map. Half of my team was doing well while the other half including myself spoke about every topic under the sun and concluded we were there for moral support! To round up, each team was required to create a fire using a few tools and raw materials. See how that went on our Facebook page.

Next up, an excellent BBQ lunch followed by a duel with the mean looking mechanical bull and fun in the human foosball table. Of course, I accepted the challenge to take on the bull and managed a decent survival time of 40 seconds, a few seconds away from the record. Along came a colleague who took the record with 63 seconds and my dreams were shattered until I came back later to gain the record with a whopping 99 seconds! I had to take a picture for proof😊.

Many hours later and the time came for the eagerly anticipated karaoke! After a lot of practice, my team was ready to sing Britney Spears – Baby One More Time. The first contestants came on, and we thought we had the win until a guy came out with his team to sing Mustang Sally #blownaway it was an incredible performance. To cut the story short, we didn’t make it to the finals.

Anders Holt, CCO turned DJ kept the night flowing, and everyone continued to enjoy themselves. Day two complete.

The morning came, and everyone was moving around like Zombies due to the lack of sleep and endless enjoyment. It was time for everyone to say their goodbyes and return to their respective offices. This was truly a sad moment as everyone had bonded over the weekend and become one big Novicell family. Just to let you know, I have already signed up for Kick Off 2018 …