LanguageWire Sitecore Connector: Translation Integration with Your CMS

For the past 16 years, LanguageWire has developed a credible reputation for providing quality and accurate translations. They have done this by using advanced technology to simplify the translation process and provide companies with the multilingual content they require.

LanguageWire use tech they created called the LanguageWire Sitecore Connector. It is a translation management solution that integrates with the Sitecore Experience Platform. The solution enables one to directly translate any page within the content tree of your website. Once this is complete, any translations are updated in Sitecore. The last step is to approve any changes made and publish them.

The LanguageWire Sitecore Connector provides the necessary tools required to reach your global audience faster and cost effectively. One click sends your content through a global network of 5,000 quality, professional translators that help to translate the selected content within a few days. This efficient translation process can give you a distinct advantage over your competitors.

Benefits of the LanguageWire Sitecore connector


With the LanguageWire Sitecore connector you increase the speed of the translation process by eliminating the time taken to handle the process manually. This automated solution provides you with the possibility of being able to publish content in many more languages and markets. You can find out exactly how many hours you save here.


The connector speeds up the time taken to create localised content that can be published immediately.

Want to learn more?

The Sitecore connector provides a centralised environment to handle your multilingual website transparently. Do you want to learn more about translation and how it works within your CMS? If so feel free to join our seminar here.