Do You Want to See Who Is Looking at Your Website?

Effective lead management

Do you know when exciting new leads are visiting your website? And have you followed up with the companies you already know? Here we recommend a lead management tool that can accelerate and efficiently manage the process.

Most companies want to follow their leads closely and use that knowledge for their marketing activities. There are good solutions for this such as Hubspot, but if you are not ready to invest in marketing software of that magnitude, then Leadfeeder is a good CRM system that can provide valuable information on both old and new leads.

Analysing leads with Lead Feeder

If you have been looking for leads in Google Analytics by sorting through IP addresses and service providers, then you would know that the data is useful, but has limitations. It's hard to keep an overview and to filter the most commonly used network providers.

Leadfeeder does the work for you and delivers leads from your website in a structured manner. You can link your Analytics account to Leadfeeder, and you will be able to find out vital information from leads such as terms searched and pages visits and time spent on a page.

Advantages of Lead Feeder:

  • The quality of leads is scored by the number of pages visited
  • Leads can be divided according to specific landing pages or geography
  • Leads are enriched with business data and employee data from LinkedIn
  • Leads can be assigned directly to the individual sales managers

Linking to other systems

Leadfeeder can be integrated with various email marketing systems and other CRM systems.

Have you integrated Leadfeeder with your MailChimp account? It becomes even more interesting as you can follow the individual's behaviour.

Read more about Leadfeeder on the Google Analytics blog.

Contact us to learn more about how to link other systems and generate the best data.