Meet Anthony – Novicell’s First Apprentice

This February, Novicell is joining National Apprenticeship Week to share the experience we’ve had with our very first Novicell apprentice, Anthony Grice.

Anthony joined Novicell as Apprentice SEO Consultant last year after completing his studies at Southampton University.

Anthony has now been working with us for the best part of two months. He’s doing a great job at balancing the responsibilities of self-study and off-the-job training with his actual work. Oliver Boothroyd, Head of Operations, Novicell

We asked Anthony to share his experience with apprenticeship so far.

Why did you choose to pursue an apprenticeship?

When I was in school, the option of an apprenticeship was never really discussed. Everyone I knew was going down the traditional route of obtaining a degree at university. It felt like that was the only option. While studying at university, I realised that sitting in a classroom all day with nothing to relate my theoretical learning to was not the optimal environment for me to learn. At this point, I started to do some research. What I discovered is that I could instead pursue an apprenticeship. It was the perfect situation; I could gain work experience and qualifications at the same time, with the added benefit of not accruing additional debt.

What has been the highlight of your apprenticeship so far?

The highlight of the apprenticeship for me has been the people. I have had so much one-to-one time and training from skilled professionals in my field. This dedicated time is so much better than sitting in a lecture hall full of 30 other students where I am lucky to have my questions answered. At Novicell, everyone is around to help, and I feel like I am learning at a pace far quicker than I was at university.

Novicell Apprentice in a meeting

Do you have any advice for anyone applying for a degree apprenticeship?

The advice I have for anyone who is currently applying for an apprenticeship is to create your own project related to the role that you are applying for. This demonstrates the passion you have for the subject. It can also allow you to stand above the competition. Additionally, it will help with your understanding of the field you want to enter.

It is great to have Anthony on board to help our Digital Marketing Team with different tasks. We are also happy to help him start his career and give him experience within digital marketing. Anders Holt, CCO, Novicell

Find out more about the Apprenticeship Scheme

Anthony was sent to us by Estio Training, who will provide Anthony’s training as part of his Apprenticeship Scheme.

Apprentice receives training by either attending Estio training centres or receiving training delivered remotely via online classrooms. Estio skills coach also provides the apprentice with one-to-one support, mentoring, and workplace visits.

It’s been really nice to work with Novicell to place an apprentice in a digital marketing role. We are hoping for a long-lasting collaboration and to build a strong apprentice placement relationship with Novicell. Anthony Fallows, Client Services Manager, Estio Training

Here at Novicell, our apprentice, Anthony, will be sharing his experience in a Twitter Q&A session on Wednesday 5 February, between 12:00–14:00 answering the #AskTheApprentice questions.

Our Head of Operations, Oliver Boothroyd, will be answering your questions on Twitter on Thursday 6 February, between 12:00–14:00 under the #AskTheEmployer hashtag.

Learn more about Novicell’s experience with the Apprenticeship Scheme in this blog post.

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