Novicell Enters Content Collaboration: Strengthening the Universe of Content

Denmark's largest online bookstore,, is strengthening its content universe through a ground-breaking collaboration with Novicell.

Content is king realised this long ago. But, like many other large online stores, creating great content is easier said than done.

For the large e-commerce platforms, rarely are they as good at handling dynamic content as they are at handling millions of item numbers. And if the company first needs to replace its entire platform to get a system that can satisfy both the sales department and the marketing department, it typically requires more investment than the content strategy can ultimately bear.

That is why partnered with Novicell to develop a so-called ‘headless content management system’.

It simply means that we can maintain our current e-commerce system, but that we combine it with a central CMS that manages all our content across our platforms. This means that we can refine our content strategy without having to change our core business, says Casper Groot, Head of IT at

Enriched bestsellers wants to create a better inspiration universe, where the company has the opportunity to enrich their more than 10 million item numbers with relevant content. The aim is to achieve better results in search engines while providing a superior experience for customers.

Of course, it is impossible to enrich all publications. But with a headless CMS, we can focus on the releases that may suddenly be of interest, for example in connection with the TV edition of Game of Thrones, where the interest in the books increased. Here, we now have the opportunity to create unique content about the books that can be used across our platforms – among other things in our audiobook app, says Casper Groot, Head of IT at

New trend

According to Novicell UK’s Head of Development, Mikkel Keller Stubkjær, more and more large online companies will do as has and separate e-commerce from content.

It's part of a new trend of using microservices and putting together its platform of smaller, independent modules to ensure that you have the components that best fit your business. Businesses want to have the opportunity to give their website a makeover in the form of a new front page and some new features after a few years – but the heavy and expensive e-commerce part, you may want to leave as it is for a little longer. And that's why the whole 'headless CMS' mindset is really exciting to many, says Mikkel Keller Stubkjær, Head of Development at Novicell UK.