Novicell Gets Status as Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse

Novicell is the world’s largest Umbraco development house with more than 200 advanced Umbraco web solutions. As such, Novicell is very proud to announce that Umbraco has acknowledged this by giving Novicell the status of Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse.

What is Umbraco Cloud?

Umbraco Cloud is the easy and smooth operation of Umbraco CMS solutions. It offers cloud hosting and workflow tools that make implementing work easier for each development team.

Umbraco Cloud solutions give editors options to edit and publish content while new functions are developed. As a bonus, the update process for the Umbraco CMS is very smooth as it happens automatically instead of using development hours for smaller updates.

What does it mean to be a Cloud Powerhouse?

Firstly, the status of a Cloud Powerhouse is an acknowledgement of Novicell’s Umbraco expertise from Umbraco itself.

Secondly, it guarantees our customers that Novicell will deliver an effective solution on the platform.

Thirdly, the status gives Novicell and, more importantly, our customer a number of benefits. One example is that we have exclusive access to Cloud Counselling from Umbraco on new Umbraco Cloud projects.

Previous awards

It’s not the first time that Umbraco has awarded Novicell’s expertise.

In 2018, Novicell won the Umbraco award for ‘Best Designed Site’ with and ‘Jury’s Choice’ for

Every year, Umbraco honours the hardworking people of its community and awards the title of Umbraco Most Valued People (MVP) to deserving members. Here at Novicell in London, we are very proud to have Ismail Mayat as part of our Development and IT Architecture team, who has been honoured as an Umbraco MVP twice.

Does your company need help with your Umbraco Solution?

Every web solution is different with unique technical and business orientated requirements and goals. Novicell puts effort into advising and helping every company with their specific needs.

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