Novicell Is Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner 2020

The Contributing Gold Partner title is a new initiative by Umbraco to highlight the Gold Partners that go the extra mile for Umbraco and the community. Here at Novicell, we are very excited to receive the honour.

Based on the last two years, Umbraco found that 26 Gold Partners deserved this special recognition. Both Novicell in Denmark and in the UK have received the status of Umbraco Contributing Gold Partner 2020.

What are Umbraco Contributing Gold Partners?

Over the past few years, Umbraco has seen a growth in new Gold Partners. Gold Partners are important for Umbraco for a number of reasons, including the continued development of the Umbraco software enabling continued usage.

The rise in the number of Gold Partners has led Umbraco to think about how they can make sure that the ‘golden oldies’ stand out from the rest. In particular, they wanted to highlight the companies that have a long history with Umbraco and have been contributing more than the Gold Partner fee, e.g. pull requests, festival organising etc. 

Much like the Umbraco MVP status, Umbraco wanted to reward Gold Partner agencies that, year after year, contribute beyond their subscription fee with something valuable; time, knowledge and hard work. So, you might call it MVP for agencies.

Therefore, Umbraco created a badge: Contributing Gold Partner. This badge is awarded to Gold Partners who are contributing beyond the Gold Partner fee. 

How does a Gold Partner earn this badge?

Like the MVP status, the Contributing Gold Partner badge is awarded for extraordinary effort and contributions to Umbraco, and the evaluation and selection is done by Umbraco HQ.

Umbraco gathered a list of criteria to summarise what these efforts might look like, and you can read more here.

Previous awards

It’s not the first time that Umbraco has awarded Novicell’s expertise. At the beginning of March 2020, Novicell was also honoured as Umbraco Cloud Powerhouse.

In 2018, Novicell won the Umbraco award for ‘Best Designed Site’ with and ‘Jury’s Choice’ for

Every year, Umbraco honours the hardworking people of its community and awards the title of Umbraco Most Valued People (MVP) to deserving members. Here at Novicell in London, we are very proud to have Ismail Mayat as part of our Development and IT Architecture team, who has been honoured as an Umbraco MVP twice.

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