Novicell Opens New Office in Oslo

Novicell opens its fourth office in a European city in just two and a half years.

Following the success from our offices in Barcelona, London and Madrid, Novicell is opening an office in Oslo. This not only brings us closer to a number of Norwegian customers, but also to an attractive and growing market.

According to CEO Per Kirchner, the Norwegian expansion is, to a large extent, also the result of being able to connect the right profiles at the right time.

"We have now been able to roll out our business model in several European markets, so we know that the concept we’re bringing to market works. For us, it's been more about who we expand with then where we expand. That's why we've focused mainly on finding the right profiles in the Norwegian IT and web environment. And when we finally succeeded, it was just a case of clicking the button and starting the engine," he says.

Hope for more employees

It will be the two experienced digital consultants Lars Skybakmoen and Thomas Gabriel Andersen who will build the foundation for the success that Novicell wants to achieve in Norway. And if the expansion develops as Kirchner hopes, more employees will soon be joining the Oslo office.

"We don't have any targets to become 10 or 20 employees in Norway in one or two years. We’re following the principle that we only employ people when we have the work. The Oslo office will launch in the market with support from the entire Danish skillset, but it’s our strategy for all our countries to build up the national department in both design and web development, and also digital strategy and marketing," says Kirchner.

Norwegian market mature

Lars Skybakmoen, manager of Novicell in Oslo, believes that with the company's targeted focus on creating an online business, Novicell will have a strong position in the Norwegian market.

"As Norwegian businesses are enjoying strong growth, the Norwegian online market is becoming more mature. Companies are more focused on earning most of their revenue from their digital efforts, and this puts a consultancy firm like Novicell with its tight business perspective in a favourable position," says Skybakmoen.

The expansion in Norway links in with the appointment of Toke Lund as e-commerce Director. He is going to help ensure synergy in Novicell's product concepts and sales and marketing across all of the countries.

The expansion in Norway will see Novicell's headcount increase to 215 employees in four countries.