Novicell Supports Project Zambia 2019

It is time for another excursion to northern Zambia, where Novicell is supporting the school Northern Star Academy. Novicell is sending six employees, including our very own Jacob Tibbott from Novicell UK.

In previous years, Novicell has been very successful in establishing an IT room that enabled the students at Northern Star Academy to use IT in their daily teaching. In addition, the latest team that departed secured internet in the classroom for afterschool use.

This year, we are again sending a lot of ‘flinke and flittige’ Novicell employees to visit the Northern Star Academy in Zambia. The purpose of this tour is to teach the locals basic marketing principles and general e-commerce. In relation to the previous trips, it is also natural that they learn to combine the use of IT and the internet for various marketing activities. In addition, they will be taught how to build a basic webshop.

In the long run, it is our dream for locals to make use of these tools and make a living by building webshops for local businesses. Although 10 days does not seem like much time to master this, we see this as a natural step in the right direction to using IT and the internet as a way of life.

Novicell’s representatives

This year, it is not only Novicell employees in Denmark who will be going to Zambia. We have the pleasure of bringing together a team of one from the London office, two from Barcelona, and three from the Aarhus office.

The team consists of: Lars Foldager Nielsen (Novicell DK), Martin Hobert (Novicell DK), Morten Grønhøj (Novicell DK), Jacob Tibbott (Novicell UK), Leandro Benítes (Novicell ES), Haydn John Reece (Novicell ES), and Glenn Receive from (


The team will travel to Zambia on 18 October 2019 to deliver sponsored hardware, as well as teach marketing and simple e-commerce.

You can support Novicell UK’s fundraising here:

Enhanced cooperation on common goals

As something new, Project Zambia has become part of the larger and more structured Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) collaboration of six companies (, Brandiators, AI A/S,, Kroppens Hus, and Kentaur A/S) who together will take on the challenges and make even more dreams come true for our friends in Zambia. Following Novicell's tour in October, the torch is passed on to, which will be able to contribute in other important areas.

A development centre for young people

Only 1 in 3 of all Zambian school students receive more than seven years of schooling. Thus, in Zambia, there is a large group of children who do not progress beyond the 7th grade. That is why Eventure, with the Northern Star Academy, offers and pays for schooling to some of the Zambian students who would otherwise be lost in the education system.

Northern Star Academy gives 30 students a chance to start over again each year. Through a free afterschool year in an educational and evolving environment, students are equipped to complete high school, which is subsequently paid for by Eventure and the association's sponsors. The students eventually achieve what is equivalent to a Danish high school education, and so far the experience has been good.

The goal of the school is to create personal development and empower young people so that they can raise their level of education and benefit others by bringing their knowledge back into their local areas. Many of the young people at Northern Star Academy want to become teachers or nurses in the communities in which they themselves grew up.

In this way, the project not only helps the 30 pupils at the school but also the entire community, who are provided with knowledge and skills they have not had so far. For example, it can make a big difference for a local community to learn why it is a good idea to plant a new tree when you cut the old one. Or what water quality means, how a healthy and nutritious diet is put together, and how to set a budget for a start-up business. All things the students at Northern Star Academy learn – and learn from.

IT can help

One of the challenges of the Northern Star Academy is to lift the young people from their often very different backgrounds and education level to get ready for high school. And this is where IT becomes relevant. With tablets, apps and other teaching programs, the school's teachers can differentiate teaching to a greater extent, and this will undoubtedly result in a faster learning curve for each student.

And while IT is not necessarily the first thought when talking about Zambia, there is no reason to believe that our focus on IT is out of place in relation to their needs. IT is definitely not unknown in the country and many of the students at Northern Star Academy are already on Facebook on their mobile phones because they have free internet. The school also has a few PCs that the young people try out during their stay at the school, and here they benefit greatly from using things like Excel in their maths or economics education.

The volunteers who teach at the school say that the young people are quick to take to IT. However, the opportunities are limited in terms of the amount of equipment, as well as the large expense to buy new machines and transport them to the school. Delivery of a package from Denmark to the school can take up to six months.

Therefore, our idea is to buy, transport and set up the IT equipment at the school in Zambia, including instructions for maintenance and teaching materials ready for use. Novicell will be posting a lot about our trip to Zambia – you can follow the journey on our LinkedIn.

If you will like to help, please get in touch.