Latest News from Project Zambia

Novicell has been supporting Danish association Eventure’s “Project Zambia” initiative since 2013, and we have been part of the journey almost since the beginning. We make monthly donations, rather than a one-off payment. This means Eventure is better able to set up sustainable initiatives, which can generate even more development for all concerned. This applies not only to children, students and employees in Zambia, but also to the 500+ Danish volunteers who have been involved with the project since it began.

Project 'fresh start'

The Northern Star Academy is part of Project Zambia. Every year, the school gives 50 pupils the chance of a fresh start. After 30 weeks in an educational and developing environment, they are prepared for high school. So far, experiences have been positive and the pupils at the school are doing well.


IT can help

In 2016 we built an IT classroom with tablets and laptops for the project's after school club. One of the challenges at the Northern Star Academy is to remove young people from their often very different backgrounds and levels of education, to prepare them for high school. This is where IT becomes relevant. With tablets, apps and other teaching programmes, the school's teachers have the opportunity to further differentiate their teaching, which has helped towards a faster rising learning curve for the individual pupil.

In 2017, we set up wireless Internet at the school, opening the door to a brand new world of opportunities for the pupils.

Once we had given the pupils a brief intro to the Internet, we showed a web search for Zambia on the projector, which brought lots of cheering and applause. They were then free to try the Internet themselves, and they searched on everything from 'farming' to 'Zambia's best rapper'.

Pupils' first Google search in Zambia.

Latest news

Here are the latest updates from Project Zambia, written by the project's volunteers for the period May-August 2017.

Health and Nutrition

The title of module 3 is "Health & Nutrition". Through theoretical and practical lessons, the pupils have learned about the body's anatomy and physiology, health, sex education, hygiene, disease and nutrition. We have worked on questions such as: How do we keep our bodies healthy and avoid disease? What should we do if we are involved in an accident? How do we tackle problems such as malaria and HIV/AIDS in our society? 

Living Library contributes fun and knowledge

Every Wednesday we sail out to the nearby village of Chezi and give the children a fun and educational afternoon. The concept is managed by our pupils, who complete the afternoon with incredible zest and energy. Every week around 200 kids arrive at the football pitch, and we continue our work with the school in town, which is delighted with our inspiration and ability to engage the children.

Community Development

The summer module, Community Development, is full of academic and personal challenges for the pupils. Here we start with something abstract, such as developing the local community. Based on the ideas we prepare, the pupils have to present specific and realistic projects for the residents in Mbete.

Eventure Care celebrates first birthday

After a great first year of building, set-up and development, Eventure Care (EC) is now entering its second year. Here the focus will be on operation, consolidation and education.

A new management team is focusing on training our two permanent employees in EC with the aim of strengthening their levels of expertise. Pedagogical work will also be structured to include the planning and implementation of workshops for the surrounding villages.

Novicell is supporting Project Zambia - a cohesive development project for children and young people in Northern Zambia. The project includes an after-school sports club, a children's nursery and a floating "library". 

Why are we supporting project in the developing world? We believe that as citizens and as a profit-making company in a society that is already drowning in excess, we have a duty to help the world achieve a fairer share of wealth.