Novicell UK Joins Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Novicell UK is happy to announce that we have joined the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. This cooperation makes Novicell UK a part of an active network with more than 400 interesting companies that represent over 50 different sectors.     

What is the Swedish Chamber of Commerce?

The Swedish Chamber of Commerce (SCC) is an independent, non-profit networking organisation with around 400 member companies. SCC is based in West London with more than 20 council members.

SCC is one of the largest and most active foreign chambers in the UK. Besides that, it is one of the oldest chambers abroad and celebrated 100 years in 2006.

The chamber represents Swedish, British and European companies interested in strengthening their existing ties with Sweden and the UK. It also represents companies interested in expanding to new markets.

Novicell UK's Business Development Director Dennis Twumasi

What does being part of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce mean for Novicell?

Novicell's Business Development Director Dennis Twumasi was the person that established contact between Novicell UK and SCC.

Being Swedish myself, I am proud that Novicell is a member of the Swedish Chamber of Commerce. It is a great opportunity to network, not to mention the potential to learn from the SCC and the other membership organisations at their monthly events which focus on business growth and adaptability - a great source of support and information, says Dennis Twumasi, Business Development Director, Novicell UK.

Novicell UK is happy to be accepted into a company of names like Volvo, Deutsche Bank, Spotify and Ikea.

SCC membership opens up a wealth of networking opportunities. As an emerging company in the British market, we are eager to make the most of the SCC’s assistance in developing our brand, as well as access to their business services, says Anders Holt, CCO, Novicell UK.

Novicell UK is already a member of the Danish equivalent Danish-UK Association, where the primary purpose is to further trade, friendship and cultural links between the UK and Denmark.

In October 2016, Novicell UK opened its office in London. Ever since then, networking and building strong relationships has been an essential part of the company strategy.

The welcome package from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce

Do you want to know more about Novicell?

Novicell UK has more than 20 years of experience in software development and digital marketing. Every month, we host two seminars about various relevant topics within our field.

The next seminars coming up are Put a value on your digital marketing and SEO strategy for B2B. You can read more about all our seminars here.