Novicell Welcomes Our Head of Development

Novicell’s first expatriate, Mikkel Stubkjær Keller, is joining our London office in January after working for three years at Novicell’s Headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark.

Position at Novicell London

Mikkel is becoming our Head of Development. He will be working closely with Novicell’s developers in London, sharing his knowledge from his previous experience with large-scale e-commerce platforms at Novicell and as a partner and co-founder of a Danish web agency. His primary tasks will be to ensure the quality of the projects and platforms that Novicell London delivers to our customers.

He is looking forward to being part of a young and fast-growing company outside Denmark, and to contributing to Novicell London’s growth in the future.

Novicell London is also thrilled about Mikkel joining the team.

We are delighted to welcome Mikkel to the Novicell UK family. As head of our development team, he will surely be a guiding light to all our developers, as well as to the wider team. His specific experience in e-commerce solutions will also allow us to expand our native offering in the UK, says Oliver Boothroyd, Head of Operations.

Previous experience

For three years, Mikkel has been working as IT Architect and then Commerce Team Lead and Architect at Novicell’s headquarters in Denmark. He has been responsible for a multi-project development team of more than 20 talented people, as well as being the primary technical director. Together with his team, he has built large-scale custom e-commerce and content platforms, both in Denmark and on an international scale.

My team had a strong focus on delivering solutions of high quality and value to our customers. In order to accomplish this, however, my most important task was to ensure an ever-evolving, interesting and motivating work environment for the team, says Mikkel.

Before working for Novicell, Mikkel was partner and co-founder of a Danish web agency for more than 17 years. Here, he worked as a developer, lead architect and pre-sales architect.

Moving to London

Moving to London at the beginning of January 2020, Mikkel is bringing his wife and two children.

First, I thought my wife would say no, mainly because of the kids, but she was actually pretty excited about the possibility from the start, says Mikkel.

The whole family is looking forward to experiencing this new and exciting adventure together.

We are all very excited about moving to London. It is a huge thing for the kids, and I guess they don’t really understand it just yet. Of course, my daughter was sad about leaving her friends, but at the same time she tells me that she got butterflies in her stomach and regularly insists on speaking English, says Mikkel.

Mikkel has a passion for music and, since he is madly in love with vinyl records, he is looking forward to nurturing this hobby in London by visiting local record shops and going to concerts. He would also like to start playing squash, but he hasn’t found the right partner for that yet.

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