Novicell Welcomes Our Apprentice SEO Consultant

This December, Novicell is welcoming one more employee into our London Office; Anthony Grice.

Anthony is doing his apprenticeship at Novicell UK and he will be working as an SEO Consultant. He will be helping with SEO and other digital marketing tasks. 

Anthony studied Business and Economics at Southampton University. Anthony grew up on the Isle of Wight, a small diamond-shaped island. He recently moved to London, so he is enjoying looking up at the tall buildings despite the dodgy looks he receives from ‘Londoners’. In his spare time, he enjoys climbing, boxing, cooking and of course socialising with friends.

It is great to have Anthony on board to help our Digital Marketing Team with different tasks. We are also happy to help him start his career and give him experience within digital marketing. Anders Holt, CCO, Novicell UK

Want to know more about Anthony Grice?

Check out his profile on our website or LinkedIn.