Novicell Welcomes Product Manager to Support New Product

Novicell is happy to announce that we have a new Product Manager, Eva Karadimou, joining us. The hire supports our focus on nurturing and maintaining our newly launched product, Novicell Premium.

New hire to support focus

A year ago, we identified a gap in the market. To fill it, Novicell set about creating a new Umbraco Premium website solution for ‘best-practice websites at an affordable price’, which we have now launched. This new focus has led to the hiring of Eva Karadimou, who as a Product Manager will be nurturing and maintaining the product.  

Eva will focus on core product development activities such as backlog management and refinement as per product requirements and user feedback, QA and budget management. She will also run agile ceremonies such as daily stand-up meetings, sprint planning and review.

With a background in Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, Eva has worked in various industries in the UK in both engineering and management roles for the last seven years. Being technically minded and a software enthusiast, Eva is passionate about Agile practices to maximise the value of software products.

Our Umbraco Premium product is aimed at companies that want a well-built website solution with a flexible and straightforward design. I am thrilled to have Eva on board to be the driving force behind the project. We have a strong focus on delivering high-quality solutions, and I am confident that Eva’s expertise is going to strengthen our offerings, says Mikkel Keller, Head of Development at Novicell UK.

What is Novicell Premium?

Novicell Premium is our best practice. A plug-and-play website solution that easily adapts to every brand. Instead of building every new website from scratch, we have created a package with all our best practices based on our 21 years of experience building websites for companies worldwide.

The premium product helps customers save money on expensive licence software as there is no recurring licensing fee on the platform, making it an easier and cheaper way for companies to get a well-functioning website up and running within a few weeks. 

The product is relevant for both small e-commerce solutions and large enterprise projects. This is, among other things, possible as the product is built on a technology that can be activated and scaled as needed.

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