Novicell Welcomes Two New Employees

Novicell is very excited to welcome two new employees into the London team this month: Jacob Tibbott and Taylor Bedworth.

Originally from West Sussex, Jacob is going to be working as a Digital Marketing Consultant. 
He earned his degree in Business Management from the University of Bournemouth.

Joseph Goodson, Digital Marketing Consultant, has this to say about the new appointment: 

“We are excited to have Jacob as the newest part of our team. Jacob is going to be an important asset to the growth of our clients and our digital marketing team.”

Taylor is originally from Essex and is joining our team as a Business Development Manager. 
He has previously worked as a Sitecore recruiter and has a degree from Southampton University.

Anders Holt, CCO, had this to say about the new appointment:

“We are delighted to welcome Taylor to Novicell. Taylor is a talented individual and will be of great value for the future growth of Novicell.