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10 February 2017

10 tips to increase your online shop conversion

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Tip 1: Reduce your input fields

For each field you ask your users to complete, you increase the risk of the user losing patience. Is each field on your website really necessary? If it isn’t, get rid of it. Perhaps there are some fields that could be completed later, such as once a user has become a customer.


Tip 2: Activate the user with gradual engagement

Instead of asking the user to sign up immediately, let the user explore the service or product first. When users start to see your product's value, they will be more open to signing up or making a buying decision.

Gradual engagement is a way of postponing the signing up process, yet still allowing the users to use or adapt your service or product.


Tip 3: Make the price more acceptable

Our decisions are affected by the first thing that grabs our attention. When we start with a higher price and scroll down to a lower price, suddenly the price doesn't feel so high anymore. In other words, users will feel that they’re getting a deal.

An example would be to use a crossed out retail price price followed by a lower price, as shown here:


Tip 4: Make your target audience visible

Does your site address everyone, or does it specify your target audience? This is a strategy whereby you explicitly explain who your product or service is best suited to. By communicating criteria that match a specific customer type, it becomes easier to convince the user to buy, while also hinting at a sense of exclusivity.

The risk of this strategy is of course that your target audience description becomes too narrow and limits potential customers. Transparency around your product builds trust.


Tip 5: Put text with your icons

Icons can often be open to interpretation. Take a look at the ‘arrow down' icon. Does it mean to move something down, to lower the priority or to download?

By combining icons with words, you quickly remove any ambiguity. 


Tip 6: Give something away - and get more back

Curiosity is a conversion tactic that aims to ignite the user's desire to buy by giving something away. This could be e.g. the first chapter of a book: If a user is unsure whether the book is something for him or her, allowing them to skim read the first chapter may be all they need to buy.


Tip 7: Repeat your main Call to Action

Repeating your main Call to Action is a strategy that mostly applies to longer sites.

It's important that you differentiate between encouraging someone to do something and spamming. The user does not want to see a 'place order' button 10 times on a screenshot. Keep an order button with the price discreetly at the top, and add it again on the last page to encourage the user to buy. 


Tip 8: Buy now!

This is a persuasion tactic that can be used to get the user to buy now rather than later (or possibly never).

You often see this when booking e.g. hotels. This is when you’re typically presented with persuasive statements like 'Only 1 room remaining' or 'Get 10% off if you buy in the next 2 hours'. This works because it indicates a certain risk of whatever is available now no longer being available later.

Some people view this strategy as a 'dirty' way of making people buy. Nevertheless, it's still a strategy that often works, and as long as it's honest, it's worth considering. But be careful not to create a false sense of availability - or it could backfire.


Tip 9: Use inline validation and avoid delay

If an input field has been incorrectly filled out, highlight it instantly with an error message that appears when the user tries to continue to the next part of the site (for example, when they click on ‘next’). By highlighting the error as it occurs, it can be instantly corrected. If you only highlight the error at the end, the user has to remember what they did a few steps back.


Tip 10: Give users a gentle shove with recommendations

When displaying several offers, it's sometimes worth highlighting a product recommendation. Some users need a gentle shove and a recommendation. Too many options can create mental confusion around what to choose. Highlight just one product over others and, if possible, pick a recommendation based on user experience.



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