Development Support the Alternative Way - Q4 2017

Novicell has been supporting the Danish association Eventure and their Project Zambia since 2013. We have been following the project's development and results closely. It has been an exciting journey and we know that our fixed monthly donation goes towards this development by covering the project's ongoing running costs.

Every year a group of colleagues visits the project in Zambia. It brings us closer to the project and adds value both here and in Zambia. Our engagement in the project ensures there is some purpose to going to work every day: Helping to create a better life for others. That's why it’s really important that we don't just 'visit' Zambia. Instead, every year we bring a new project with us to complete - one that matches our own core skills.  

In 2016, we built an IT classroom with tablets and laptops for the project's afterschool club, and in 2017 we set up wireless internet at the school and thus opened a door to a whole new world of opportunities for the students. It's always a big experience visiting Project Zambia and seeing and feeling for yourself the dedication and energy there is there.

Ole Brøgger (developer and participant in the 2017 trip):

"Of course you have certain expectations before you leave, but when you are actually in Zambia it's completely different - in a good way. We come from a world where the internet is completely normal, so it's an amazing experience to see what the internet can add to the students' learning. It's incredible to see how little is needed to make a difference."  

New from Zambia

Here are the latest updates from Projekt Zambia - written by the project's volunteers for the  September-December 2017 period.  


In module 5, the children were taught about Entrepreneurship, Innovation and Economy. The aim of the lessons was to get students to think abstractly and creatively. It proved successful and big ideas were soon flooding in. Shoes with wheels and a luxury hotel in the primitive Mpulungu were just some of the suggestions the students came up with.  

I started a football project in Africa

By Buster Emil Kirchner

With wild goats on the pitch, tricky goal posts and a coach who beats his players, running the Mbete FC is far from dull. The new football project is a collaboration between Mbete's football delegates and Eventure. With three weekly training sessions and 60+ registered players in the U14 and U17 age groups, football is used as a way to teach life skills to the young people.  

Welcome to Eventure

More than 100 hopeful young people have applied to join Northern Star Academy in 2018. Gilbert here (right) is one of them. Check out that smile! That was the look on his face when Line told him he had been accepted to the academy next year. In January Gilbert will join the Northern Star Academy alongside 27 other young people in the fifth team of pupils. We can't wait!

project help for Zambia

High School preparation

The last module of the year has covered many subjects on the timetable. The students are now better prepared for high school in January and have been taught subjects such as maths, physics, religious studies and English. There was also a summary of what they had learned earlier on in the year, which ended with some excellent presentations on different subjects. Once again this year, all the students have secured sponsorship for their ongoing education in high school! 

Green development

This autumn, all the children in Eventure Care planted their own Moringa trees. The children visited their trees regularly to see how much they had grown each time. Nicholas, our Moringa expert, constantly told the children what was going on and why we do what we do. And then he taught them about all those things you can use the tree and its leaves and seeds for - knowledge that the children will take home with them and share with others. At the graduation ceremony, the children were given their own Moringa trees to plant at home. 

The way forward

By Mette Kaae

Students at the Northern Star Academy ended the school year on 25 November, but returned to Eventure Village just a few days after their graduation. Not as pupils, but as workers. This allowed them to earn money for the equipment they will need to bring to high school in January. The headman in Mbete had highlighted several projects that were needed and, together with Eventure, the choice fell on building a road to Mbete. The pupils took the job very seriously and worked hard for their money, which can go towards mattresses, school uniform, shoes and much more.

Long-term collaboration

Novicell has been supporting the Eventure project in Zambia since 2013, and we have been part of the journey almost since the beginning. We make monthly donations, rather than a one-off payment. This means Eventure is better able to set up sustainable initiatives, which can generate even more development for all concerned. This applies not only to children, students and employees in Zambia, but also to the 500+ Danish volunteers, who have been involved with the project since it began.