Why SEO Keywords Are Important, and How to Choose Them Wisely

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As I am sure you are aware, ranking high in search engine results pages (SERP) is an important yet challenging task. It is just as important to ensure that you are ranking well for the right keywords.

If your site ranks at the top for certain topics, that is good, but it may be insignificant if it’s for topics and terms that nobody is searching for. You won’t generate any traffic to your website if this is the case, neither will you create any conversions.

You should identify the key areas that your business operates in and identify the keywords that closely describe these valuable areas that you have identified. These words should be found in your content but include them with caution as search engines can recognise when they are being stuffed into the text without any relevance.

Singular Keywords and Long-Tail Keywords

It is now a challenge to rank highly for a single keyword, e.g. jobs, marketing or cake. Fortunately, people searching for specific things on the internet are aware that it is difficult when using one word. People tend to search by combining multiple keywords into longer phrases, narrowing their search to directly relevant to what is required. An example of combined keywords would be ‘tasty Chinese restaurants in London.’ These are what we call long-tail keywords. These are the kind of keywords you should aspire to create because if chosen correctly, you will help your company to become more visible in search results.

Search based on location

Google is very helpful as it tailors search results based on location and contextualises information based on search history. For example, if you have been searching for a new t-shirt for the summer, then Google is going to tailor your content to be related to clothes.

Choosing your keywords wisely

Everyone loves their company name to rank highly, but if you are aiming to increase the visibility of your business, then this isn’t going to help. Only people who already know the name of your company and how to find you will search for this, not somebody who has never heard of you.

It is essential to remember that any keywords you choose need to have complete relevance to the content on your website. If this is not the case, search engines will believe you are just stuffing keywords into places they shouldn’t be for the sake of ranking. This will impede your ranking and put you at risk of being penalised or blacklisted. They also need to be terms that people search for as mentioned above.

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I’m sure you have been waiting for me to suggest some tools that can be used to decide on keywords, so I will ease your anticipation.

There are some useful tools that can help you. The main one being Google AdWords (free to use) which provides monthly search words and phrases and provides a free tool that generates additional keywords based on the list you have already developed. If you don’t want to use Google AdWords, I have a few more for you to choose from. These are also free to use.

Do you need help with your keywords and SEO? If so please feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to have a brief meeting with you to discuss the issues you are having and let you know how we can solve them with our SEO services.