Personalise E-mails Using Sitecore EXM

E-mail marketing as a form of communication is still being used despite E-mail users not opening or clicking on the content received. This is due to e-mails not being tailored and personal to the recipients.

Sitecore E-mail Experience Manager (EXM) can help to take you from sending generic e-mails to your leads to sending relevant content using the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP). XP users just need to subscribe to EXM to gain access.

Creating e-mails using XP enables you to maximise the collection of data on customers as you plan the content for emails. Which in turn, will increase conversion rates and generate leads.

 Key features

  • Use data to personalise and send relevant content to multiple customer segments
  • Delivers you a picture of the entire customer journey, beginning with email open and click-through to website behaviour and engagement, to goals and conversions
  • Lets you test every single component of a campaign to establish and optimise customer engagement

See EXM being used

EXM dashboard

This is the EXM dashboard. It shows you the performance of your activities.

recipient activity

This is the recipient activity section indicates the level of interaction with your e-mails.

campaign manager

You can use the E-mail Campaign Manager to create tailored e-mails and assign them to specific campaigns. 

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