Dynamically Target Your Audience with Sitecore Print Experience Manager

Make your messaging applicable to your target audience and the position they are in on their journey with your brand.

Print Experience Manager (PXM) works with the Sitecore Experience Platform (XP) enabling users to share Sitecore content with InDesign virtually. This integration lightens your workload by eliminating the need for numerous revisions.

If you are familiar with Adobe InDesign and other Adobe programmes such as InCopy and Creative Suite, then you will be okay using PXM. Integrations with Sitecore Adaptive Print Studio and Adobe InDesign pushes changes from one software to the other.

Key features

  • Similar to Adobe programmes creating familiarity
  • Enables business users to customise print
  • Allows uniformity across programmes
  • Two-way editing capabilities between Adobe and Sitecore

How it works

PXM creates a connection between Sitecore and Adobe, allowing users to set up and share content back and forth between the web and print using Sitecore functions e.g. language translation, etc. on the InDesign interface.

I can help you with this integration and any other Sitecore related projects as I have over 14 years of experience with Sitecore integrations and projects.