Novicell Spends Some Money in Spain

It is less than a year since Novicell ventured into the European market and established its first office outside Denmark with the acquisition of a consultancy in Barcelona.

Subsequently, Novicell opened the department in London, and now shopping again in Spain. The company acquired specialises in online marketing.

Novicell's Barcelona office has grown to almost 20 employees, serving Spanish, Danish and international customers.

"To serve our international customers efficiently, we need specialists with expert knowledge and the appropriate language and market skills. We have now secured these competencies with the new acquisition, says Per Kirchner, CEO of Novicell, and continues:

"It is part of our strategy to grow internationally. Today, we have departments in Denmark, Great Britain and Spain - and in those markets where we are not present, we have local partners. However, it is also part of our strategy to be represented in several markets in Europe, he says.

According to Per Kirchner, it is also very likely that Novicell will open new offices outside Denmark within the next year.

"We have more international customers who make our continued search for European expansion opportunities highly relevant and more concrete. We are a consultancy that grows as demand rises, and we will also do it internationally, says Per Kirchner.

Hummel is one of the customers who, with Novicell's acquisition, gets a stronger setup in Spain.

"We have many international customers who are very interested in Spanish-speaking countries - including Hummel, for which we work in several European markets," says Per Kirchner.

Novicell counts a total of over 170 employees.