Student Geek Challenge 2020 – Win €1,000 Cash Prize and Job Interview

What is Student Geek Challenge?

This spring, Novicell is organising a competition where students from all over Europe can participate in solving a programming and/or design case. The top three solutions will receive cash prizes as well as a job interview at one of Novicell’s offices in either Spain, Norway, Denmark or the UK. 

Who can participate?

We give students a chance to show off their skills and compete against students from all over Europe.

So, if you are interested in participating in the competition, you need to be enrolled as a student. It doesn’t matter what you are studying or where you are studying, as long as you solve the case provided.

Case: Build a commerce implementation

This year’s task is to build a working commerce implementation. The participants need to implement a product, organise products into categories/collections and build a checkout flow (minus payment, of course).

We don’t have any products in mind, and we leave that decision up to the participants. The choice of solution, platform and technology is open.

We also won’t judge based on specific frameworks or languages. This gives you the freedom to solve the challenge as a website, a smartphone app or something crazy for your TV. Go ahead and code something awesome!

The development challenge doesn’t require any design or user interface design skills. In this task, we are evaluating your coding skills instead.

Notice that you are allowed to solve the case in groups and can use material from, for example, previous school assignments.

Students have to solve the case and upload their solution before 12 April 2020.

By the way: It is ok to submit a half-finished project. It is a whole lot better to submit something half-finished than submitting nothing. Last time the 2nd place was a half-finished project.

This year’s case is designed by Novicell’s developer, Malthe Bjerregaard Petersen. He is a previous finalist in the Student Geek Challenge and is now a full-time employee at Novicell in Denmark.

Want to know more?

To learn more about this year’s challenge and to participate, visit the Student Geek Challenge 2020 website here and join our Facebook group here.

If you have any questions regarding the challenge, please do not hesitate to contact us at or

You can also have a look at Novicell's website here.