Novicell Partners with Telligent

These days, the consumer is the priority and an essential part of business. Competition in every business sector is ridiculously high, so it is paramount that the experience any user has with your business is second to none. For this reason, many organisations are making social communities an integral part of their operations.

The Telligent Social Suite provides you with the tools required to build branded social communities that provide the opportunity to learn valuable information by interacting with consumers, partners and employees using forums and blogs and including likes, ratings and shares.

External communities

Companies like Sitecore, Microsoft and Dell, use the Telligent Community to better the customer service provided online, engage potential and actual customers in a more productive manner, and to understand how these people use the products and services being offered.

Internal communities

Telligent Communities are also used for companies to communicate more effectively with their employees and increase productivity. Employees can collaborate to discuss topics and ideas for their projects instead of just sending documents and struggling to find some form of unity when planning. This platform connects employees to what they need, who they need exactly when it’s needed.

Benefits of Telligent Communities

  • Improve customer experience by delivering fast solutions to queries
  • Centralise and reduce the cost of support.
  • Obtain useful feedback from your customers using a variety of platforms and methods.

Key functions

  • The range of social applications e.g. blogs, forums, chats, groups, file galleries and much more.
  • Private social networks for employees.
  • Analytics and reports to measure performance and ROI.

Supporting Stats

  • Customer Service: Decrease the time it takes a customer to get the help they need. Communities are a fantastic way of offering exceptional customer service in a climate where 66% of customer switch companies due to poor customer service according to Accenture.
  • Saving costs: if organisations integrate communities into their customer support, it can lead to cost reductions of up to 50 percent.
  • Reputation: when community members can freely discuss pros and cons, if the community members are happy with responses then they will share with the rest of the community and beyond. 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation according to Zendesk.

Support communities are one of the most efficient methods of providing online customer service. Communities offer a centralised place to ask questions, get help from experts and provides valuable feedback for your company. If you want an easier way to understand what Telligent can provide, watch the video below.