How to Create a landing page that sells

What are landing pages?

A landing page is a website that aims to generate leads, this means that their role is to convert users into potential clients.

To ensure that the users that visit this page are converted into leads, it is essential for the content to be useful to the user with an attractive design. The purpose is to gather the user's data, generally through a contact form.

Benefits of creating Landing Pages

landing pages

Creating a landing page that is optimised for conversion will have many advantages for attracting potential clients. These are the 5 key advantages:

1. Increased conversion

Conversion is in the first position because this is the key purpose of a landing page: to significantly increase a company's conversion. By conversion, we mean a specific and relevant company target: to obtain contact details, sell a product, subscribe to a newsletter, request information about a service, etc. We only create landing pages to allow us to reach our goal.

2. Rapid implementation

You can create a landing page in very little time, which will enable you to be very agile in generating campaigns. To be able to achieve this, you will need to:

  • Establish your key objective
  • Consider what you want to communicate and to whom
  • Prepare copy and images or videos

3. Personalised design

The great advantage of a landing page is that it allows you to create a specific design for each product or service that you want to promote. You can have different landing pages connected with different services, with a unique design.

4. Total efficacy with Adwords

Perhaps one of the most important benefits. Creating specific campaigns in Adwords and connecting each of them with a landing page is a very effective strategy. The coherence of the copy in the adverts is fundamental to increase your Quality Score in Adwords and, therefore, to reduce the CPC (Cost Per Click) of your adverts. We explain this in detail in an article on the Adwords Quality Score.

5. Continuous conversion optimisation

You can continuously optimise conversion, analyse what is working better and, as such, achieve optimum results, with the aim of performing an A/B test, It is an agile method to maximise the number of leads.

Novicell landing page computer

Product vs "Landing pages as a service"

You can create landing pages within your server, so you can use them as a digital asset for your company. We call this a Product.

But you can also create landing pages for specific activities or campaigns (register for an event, a product launch, download an ebook...). We call this type, "Landings as a Service". It is a way of achieving highly flexible landing pages since you only invest for the time that you are going to need it. In these cases, you can work with external platforms but the landing pages continue to link to your website. I.e. they feature the name of your company (e.g.:

At Novicell we create landing pages for our clients both as a product and as a service. A great deal of effort is made in digital marketing to generate leads, but well implemented and designed landing pages are key to their conversion.