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08 August 2018

The new Google Ads interface: 6 things you should know

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If you work with Google Ads (Formerly AdWords), you've probably noticed how in 2017 and 2018, Google gradually built up and launched their new interface, "the new Adwords experience."

Now the new Ads interface has launched for all advertisers. But how do you relate to these new opportunities? We've taken a deep dive into the new interface and provided you with 6 key pointers to consider for your PPC campaigns.

1. Graphically visualising your performance.

"Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted. The trouble is, I don't know which half." So said John Wanamaker, the world's first shop owner who bought a half-page ad in a newspaper in 1874.

This is a problem you'll (almost) never come across in the new interface. Because in the Google Ads 'Overview', you'll find numerous different graphical images that illustrate your current performance.

The graphics and pillars reflect your results across different key figures, units, weekdays and times, the most displayed advert and auction insights, compared with your competitors.

The report gives you insight into your current performance, so you can react based on data and thus ensure an effective media spend and a positive ROI for all PPC campaigns.

Image of Google Ads (AdWords) devices interfaceImage of Google Ads (AdWords) dayparting interface

Image of Google Ads (AdWords) overview interface


2. New demographic marketing opportunities

Whereas in the previous interface you could only target your ads and bid adjustments based on age and gender, in the new interface Google has increased the target options.

For example, you can now target users based on their household income. Targeting and exclusion based on household income are available on both the search and display network.

This new addition gives you further flexibility and the opportunity for new combination options when you need to reach your target group effectively for PPC campaigns. The function isn't wholly operative yet in the UK advertising market, where 'unknown' is still the most used, but will soon become another valuable segmentation variable.

Image of Google Ads (AdWords) demographic interface


3. Auto-generated target group opportunities

As part of the new interface, Google has launched alternatives for auto-generated target groups.

The new auto-generated target groups are selected from a drop-down menu under 'target groups' in the new interface and are based on machine learning.

Here Google has put together an audience based on the knowledge Google regularly gathers about their users' search behaviour.

It enables you to efficiently and practically target or bid adjust your campaigns to visitors who are on the market or who are actively searching in your product category, be it holidays, house & garden, software or other.In this way, Google has simplified the set-up and collection of target groups in Google Ads, so you can monitor and target relevant behavioural traffic.

Customer Intent is another new and value generating target group opportunity in Google Ads.

With Customer Intent, you can create a targeted display ad directed at people who have visited specific websites or searched on products/services you want to be visible in.

This allows you to enter your competitors' websites and start searching and winning your competitors' customers.

Image of Google Ads (AdWords) audiences interface


4. Advanced bid adjustment

If you’re in the service industry, you probably prefer receiving customer enquiries by phone, so you can cross-sell complimentary products.

For example, as a travel agent, it's much easier to sell a hire car, guided excursions and similar when you’re actually talking to the customer.

To address this, Google has introduced advanced bid adjustments that allow you to bid adjust based on interaction type. This means that in future, you'll be able to bid more to display your contact information on searches via mobile units.

Image of Google Ads (AdWords) bid adjustment interface


5. Promoting special offers

Google already had a wide selection of different extensions for search campaigns, but in November  2017 they launched the latest addition, promotion extensions, which has already shown impressive results.

Promotion extensions give you the chance to highlight a specific aspect of a current offer/sale period.

For example, you might want to underline discount codes, the percentage saving or a particular occasion, such as back to school, Black Friday, holidays or similar.

Image of ad extension

Image of promotional offer extension


6. New opportunities for split testing different ad variants.

In AdWords' old interface, the success of split testing different ad variants depended on analytical skills and meticulously spotting and building an arsenal of useful ad variants.

Now Google has prepared a tool for this very purpose.

It can be found under 'Drafts and experiments' and 'Ad variants'. With this tool by your side you can, on both an operational and user-friendly level, split test and control different versions of your ads based on user-defined variables.

You can then scale the most effective of the tested ads to become the valid ad so that your decision is based more on performance and data rather than gut feel and chance.

We're already in the process of implementing and trying out many of the exciting features on several of our customers.

Image of draft and experiments interface


If you have any questions or comments about Google AdWords’ new interface, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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