Three Quick Wins for Productivity (When Working Remote)

No stranger to working remotely

Here at Novicell, we are no stranger to working from remote locations and across time zones. Not only do we have offices in London, Denmark, Norway, Spain and the Netherlands but some of our clients are also located all over the world. Recently, we even completed a workshop in New York for one of our existing clients.

To stay on top of things across locations, time zones and projects, being organised is key. We spoke with our Project Manager, Andreas Laust, who shared his tips for staying on track and productive while working, be it at the office or from a remote location.

We hope these tricks and tips will help you during this challenging time when you might find yourself away from your normal work environment.

A few simple tricks can have the biggest effect

There are numerous theories and technical approaches to productivity, but sometimes a few simple tricks can have the biggest effect. Andreas shares his three quick wins for productivity: be organised, find a quiet space, and question unnecessary procedures.

1. Be organised

This one is pretty simple: when I'm disorganised, my mind clutters, and I feel unproductive, says Andreas.

To get your brain back on track, Andreas suggests you spend five minutes tidying your desk, shutting unused Chrome tabs and closing any emails that have already been dealt with.


Start your day with a five-minute tidy up for one week and see how it affects your productivity.

clean and organised workspace for productivity

2. Find a quiet space

Being in a social work environment is by far my preferred way to work – an engaging environment is not only mentally stimulating, but also an amazing place to collaborate and learn from each other, says Andreas.

Even if you prefer to work in a social environment and you aren’t easily disrupted by the hustle and bustle of social life (and now perhaps family life if you don’t live alone), some of your tasks might require an extra degree of focus.

Sometimes you need a quiet space to complete those complex reports and calculations when you simply cannot afford to make a mistake.

Doing tasks like these in a quiet environment could be the difference between a well-executed or a mistake-ridden report/piece of code/unit test/etc., says Andreas.

When working from home, use noise-cancelling headphones to cut out the noise your flatmates are making around the house. Coordinate with your partner who looks after the kids when, so you can both get a moment of peace for that extra tough task you have to get through. Maybe schedule some time late in the evening or early in the morning when your kids are sleeping.


Silence Slack, emails and phone calls when you are working on tasks that require extra concentration to minimise all avenues of distraction.

quiet for productivity

Next time you have a very detailed piece of work due, find yourself a quiet space for a few hours to allow yourself some focused time.

3. Question unnecessary procedures

You shouldn't be afraid to ask why things are done in a certain way, especially if you don't feel that it makes sense, or if you see a more efficient way. Be prepared to offer an alternative approach and to allow time for your suggestions to be discussed, evaluated and implemented, says Andreas.

Having the right procedures in place is essential for achieving consistent results. Correctly implemented procedures make life easier for everyone.

However, as the company grows, most procedures require occasional review to make sure they’re helping your work process rather than making it unnecessarily complicated.


Review your most complex or most commonly used procedure, identify pain points and come up with a suggestion for how this could be simplified.

optimise procedures for productivity

Andreas first shared his productivity tips in this Umbraco blog post.

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