Tips for new developers

Every month, Umbraco ask their Gold Partners for tips and tricks within the digital world. Last month, our Senior Software Developer & Solutions Architect, Borjan Vasovski, shared his best tips for new developers on Umbraco's blog. Here’s his “What I wished”, “What I did” and “What I would do”.

What I wish someone had told me when I just started out

If you know how to look up stuff, it’ll save you a lot of time. I wish that someone had told me to formulate my issue in a general context. Don’t be too specific. Search for a starting point. Usually, there’s no exact answer to your issue.

Skills I wished I had back then

As I have a Master’s in Banking, I already had a problem-solving and goal-setting mindset. I think I would have benefitted from having an introduction to the way of thinking and the general breakdown knowledge of people who have studied Computer Science. But I have gained an overview and knowledge along the way.

What I did early on, that helped me in my further career

I have three tips: 

  1. Communication is key 
  2. Try out different areas 
  3. Seek out guidance with experienced developers

Firstly, communication is essential when you’re not coming from a Computer Science background. You need to communicate with Project Managers and translate the technical problem and how we recommend solving it.

Secondly, I would recommend you explore and try out different areas within web development and different technologies. If you want to work with web development, try working with one CMS and becoming an expert in that – e.g. Umbraco. It will help you get a better idea of where you want to focus later on. In the long run, I think you need to pick a specific area and master it.

Thirdly, seek out guidance with experienced developers when you face a problem. They often have a different mindset and are experienced in how to look at stuff in different ways.

What I would do if I was new to the field

For this one, I also have three top tips: 

  1. Stay updated
  2. Prepare for job interviews
  3. Communicate problems early on

Firstly, I recommend you keep up to date with whatever develops within your field – it’s crucial to know what’s cooking.

Secondly, when you go to a job interview, always prepare. Low-hanging fruit is to research interview questions to the industry you’re soon to be joining. Interview style can help you get through further. Lots of platforms, like Glassdoor, have frameworks that can help you prepare for your job interview. 

Thirdly, when you face a problem, communicate it early on and see how it can be fixed. Don’t waste all day when you only have three hours.

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