Top 5 blog posts 2017

Here are the 5 most read blog posts we've published in 2017. Maybe there is something you can use as inspiration for the coming year?

1. Getting started with Google Tag Manager

Learn the basics of this efficient and flexible tracking tool that allows you to track the important measuring points on your website.

Google Search 

2. Sitecore Health Check

Has it been several years since you implemented Sitecore, or did you only launch the platform in the last 6-12 months? Here is a helping hand to all Sitecore users. 

 Sitecore Health Check presentation image

3. Got the right KPI setup?

Identify, build and analyse your KPI set-up - the foundation you should be using to build your analysis on how your online channel is performing.


4. Content marketing strategy 

Six steps to constructing a content marketing strategy that can help to maximise the potential of your content.

Boost Your Brand

5. Personalise e-mails using Sitecore EXM

Sitecore E-mail Experience Manager (EXM) can help to only sending relevant content.

EXM Optimized