Top 5 Blogs in 2019

Another good year is about to end. We have gone over our blog posts from 2019, and in this post, we are sharing our top 5 most-read blogs. Maybe there is something that you can use as inspiration for the new year.

1. Meet Novicell’s Drupal Grand Master, Anita Jensen

In this blog, we sat down with Anita Jensen, one of our Web Developers, based in Novicell’s headquarters in Aarhus, Denmark. Anita works with both frontend and backend in the Danish Drupal department for new and existing clients. She was the first Dane to earn the title of ‘Drupal Grand Master’, which means that she has completed all three Drupal 8 Developer Certifications. The title brings Anita into the company of fewer than 250 Drupal 8 Grand Masters worldwide. We spoke with Anita about how she got into web development and about her Drupal Grand Master title.


2. Elastic all the things

In this blog, Novicell UK’s Software Developer Arkadiusz Biel discusses why and how he built an Elastic search provider for Umbraco Examine. Examine is an abstraction around Lucene.Net and is used by Umbraco to index and search Umbraco content. The latest version of Examine uses Lucene.Net 3.0.3, which was released in 2012. In this blog, you can read about his experience of working with Umbraco (both v7 and v8) and Elasticsearch.

3. Advertise for Black Friday

This blog guides you through several marketing strategies and activities that will boost your sales on and around Black Friday. Joseph Goodson looks at six brilliant strategies: Landing page, Facebook, Google Ads (Adwords), E-mail marketing, Technology, and Create your own Black Friday Marketing Plan. With his advice, you can be prepared for the world’s craziest shopping day, so your company can achieve the best results.

4. How to become an Umbraco MVP

Every year, Umbraco honours the hardworking people of its community and awards the title of Umbraco Most Valued People (MVP) to deserving members. Umbraco is a user-friendly open source CMS platform (Content Management System) that helps companies manage their online content. Here at Novicell UK, we are very proud to have Ismail Mayat as part of our Development and IT Architecture team, who has been honoured as an Umbraco MVP twice. In this blog, we talked with Ismail about receiving the honour and about his future plans.

5. Extraordinary Customer Service Is Key to Fighting the Big Players in the Market

Customers typically have many touchpoints with your company. All of these touchpoints help shape the customer’s overall experience of your business. We, as humans, tend to let first-hand impressions determine our overall perception of a company. It is called the ‘halo effect’ in the world of psychology. In this blog, Toke Lund goes over ways to control and strengthen your brand.