Top Five Blog Posts in 2020

Despite its challenges, 2020 has been a productive year for Novicell. In our penultimate post of the year, we share our top five most-read blog posts of 2020. Perhaps you could find the inspiration you have been looking for to welcome in the new year!

1. Most Important Facebook Hacks in 2020

In this blog, we discussed the much-loved but rapidly developing social platform, Facebook. We heard from Larry Kim, an expert in the field, as he gave a talk on his most used Facebook hacks at INBOUND19 conference. From a possible end to the 'like' button, to optimisation of advertising strategies, we shared the most important Facebook hacks from his presentation.

2. TikTok Advertising for Beginners

There were many digital trends that carried us through lockdown this year, and one of the biggest was TikTok. With the rise of this social platform came incredible new advertising opportunities for marketers as the app is known for high user-engagement. In this blog, we share our guide on how advertisers can get the most out of this new and exciting social platform.

3. Digital Tricks to Attract Students to Your Educational Institution

The higher education landscape has become as challenging as ever in 2020 as education institutes are restricted to digital learning. Many colleges and universities are struggling to compete as they once did, mainly because they are unable to perfect their digital strategy. In this post, Taylor Bedworth shares three simple steps towards a better digital strategy for attracting prospective students. We look at our previous experience working with BIMM, The British and Irish Modern Music Institute, to improve their online advertising via YouTube and Facebook.

4. Eight Reasons Why Law Firms Need a Good Websites

If 2020 has taught us anything it’s that everything happens online. Without the freedom to travel in and out of public places, people have relied heavily on Google and smartphone searches. From a business perspective this means that all websites must be easily accessible and attractive to new clients. In this blog post, Novicell closed in on the law industry to share eight reasons why law firms need an appealing and high-functioning website.

5. Elastic All The Things

This blogpost also featured in the top five blogs of 2019. A solid favourite, it discusses why and how our Software Developer, Arkadiusz Biel, built an Elastic search provider for Umbraco Examine. Examine is an abstraction around Lucene.Net and is used by Umbraco to index and search Umbraco content. The latest version of Examine uses Lucene.Net 3.0.3, which was released in 2012. In this blog, you can read about his experience of working with Umbraco (both v7 and v8) and Elasticsearch.


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