New Umbraco 7.6 Latest Features

On Tuesday, 2 May 2017, Umbraco released version 7.6 of the content manager. Here at Novicell, we have already tried the update, and we will be telling you about a few of the most exciting and latest features.

New Colours

This version of Umbraco introduces a corporate colour code for those trying to build their brand image. Although it may seem like a minor change, it will help with the usability of the interface, meaning that both primary and secondary functions will be more visible.

umbraco cms

New template editor

A key change that Umbraco has made recently is to make the CMS less technical and more user-friendly for content marketers. In this version, the template editor, formerly just a text editor, is now full of features that help people who are not as technical as developers.

template editor

Additional content and image selectors

This is a slight change but a useful one for content editors as it enables the editor to see more details about the related content that the user has assigned e.g. The full name and path of the node. The selector itself has also been modified.

template editor

Optimisation, bugs and security

More than 100 changes relating to optimisation, bugs and security have been implemented. The standout changes for us are:

  • Double Factor Authentication
  • Updating Image Processor to allow image background
  • Redesign of user password change system
  • New indexes in the database
  • GUID for macros. Umbraco 100% GUID is getting closer and closer
  • Validation in template editors
  • New default text size

The full list of changes can be seen here:

Is it worth upgrading to the latest version?

This depends on two factors:

  1. What version are you using now?
  2. What functionality your current website has.

If you are using a version older that is older than 7.3, you should upgrade now. Both for increased stability and speed, and then for functionality. If you are using a version before 7, then you may have trouble updating. The older the version, the more complicated the upgrade will be.

If you are using a ‘flat’ web setup, with some static pages and little more, you can expect to upgrade. If you use Umbraco Forms or if you make intensive use of the Grid system, then you should update.

When do I update?

We recommend that you wait for one or two patch releases (7.6.1 or 7.6.2). 
If you have a project that you are releasing within the next few months, this may be an appropriate time to move to Umbraco 7.6.

We have over ten years of experience with Umbraco, so if you have any trouble updating or need help creating your Umbraco solution, feel free to contact Anders Holt to book a free consultation with us.